Hellvik is a village and a town in Eigersund municipality in Rogaland. The settlement has 842 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020, and is located north of Egersund. From ancient times a traditional fishing community, but today there are few people who make a living from fishing in Hellvik.

Hellvikkaia is a shipping point for the export of white labradorite to mainly Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, where it is used for "white asphalt" and in the construction industry. The white open pit is visible from several places, along with large mounds with intermediate stages to finished crushed stone and shingle.

The village is an active community with its own sports team, prayer house, school, kindergarten and many active associations and teams for all age groups. The village has, among other things, its own golf course in Maurholen, belonging to Egersund Golf Club.

The harbor at Hellvik is one of the better on the coast between Flekkefjord and Stavanger.

Hellvik is also known for the large construction company Hellvik Hus, they build homes and holiday homes all over southern Norway.

The famous revival preacher John Olav Larssen was born in Hellvik.

The meaning of the name "Hellvik" is uncertain. It probably comes from gno. Helluvík, composed of coves and slabs; a flat rock that was used as a loading and unloading site. Another possibility is that the name was originally Helgavík which comes from the Norse word «Heilagr» which today is written «Holy».