Kinsarvik is a town in Ullensvang municipality in Vestland county. Until 2020, the town was the municipal center in Ullensvang. Kinsarvik is also a parish in Hardanger and Voss parish in the Church of Norway, and it used to be the name of a municipality.

The name "Kinsarvik" comes from the river Kinso, which flows into the Hardangerfjord in Kinsarvik. Kinso comes from kinn, which means 'steep mountain side'.

Geography and facilities
The conurbation of Kinsarvik is located on the Hardangerfjord, east of the entrance to Sørfjorden, about 40 kilometers north of the center of Odda. Kinsarvik is centrally located in inner Hardanger and, from its nature, has all the conditions to become a meeting place. The fjord arms meet and when ships entered the fjord it would be natural to dock in Kinsarvik. One of the easiest vegan routes across the Hardangervidda for those who came from the east and were going down to the fjord went down in Kinsarvik.

In Kinsarvik, there is the cutlery manufacturer Hardanger Bestikk, a department of the Statens Kartverk, Ullensvang immigrant center and asylum reception, a go-kart track and the campsite and camp school Hardangertun with its associated family park. Kinsarvik has 2 more campsites besides Hardangertun, and the Kinsarvik Fjord Hotel is also located here.

Other facilities include a library, several grocery stores and souvenir shops, tourist information open all year round and a helicopter base. As a county seat, Kinsarvik also has a county court house, sheriff's office and several municipal services.

Kinsarvik school is a combined children's and youth school. The youth school gathers pupils from the entire eastern part of Ullensvang, from Ytre Bu at the border of Eidfjord municipality to Fresvik at the border of Odda municipality.

A popular tourist road in Kinsarvik runs through Husedalen, where you can pass the waterfalls Tveitafossen, Nyastølsfossen, Nykkjesøyfossen and Søtefossen. The trip takes approximately 4-5 hours.

From Husedalen it is also possible to go up to the Norwegian Tourist Association's cabin at Stavali on Hardangervidda. This is a day trip.

The purchase price in Kinsarvik
It is said that Kinsarvik was a trading post and meeting place for the Hardanger villages. The purchase must have been destroyed by a fire. When excavations were carried out on the allmark in front of the church, a great many objects of use from the Middle Ages were found, among other things nails, a soapstone sauce, brass nails, brass fittings, parts of a bowl scale and a lot of ceramics. Under the turf there were also charcoal and burning stones.

National highway 13 runs through the town down by the fjord. From Kinsarvik there is a ferry connection to Utne and Kvanndal. Before the Vallavik tunnel opened in 1985, and together with the ferry connection Bruravik-Brimnes took over most of the long-distance traffic, Kinsarvik-Utne-Kvanndal was the most important ferry connection for traffic going across the Hardangerfjord before or after the trip across the Hardangervidda (National Road 7).

In summer, there is a snow boat between Norheimsund, Utne, Lofthus, Kinsarvik, Eidfjord center and Ulvik.

Kinsarvik municipality
Kinsarvik has been used as a municipality name in two bolkars. In the first period, Kinsarvik municipality encompassed what is today Ullensvang herad and Odda municipality, with the exception of Røldal. This municipality changed its name to Ullensvang in 1870. The second division started in 1913 when Ullensvang was divided into three municipalities, Odda, Ullensvang and Kinsarvik. Roughly outlined, Kinsarvik municipality then included the land around the Utnefjord and that of the land on the east side of the Folgefonn peninsula which today belongs to Ullensvang. The land in the municipality was thus on four sides of the Hardangerfjord, where it divides into Granvinsfjorden, Eidfjorden and Sørfjorden. In 1964, Kinsarvik was merged with Ullensvang again.

The parish of Kinsarvik
Kinsarvik is a parish under Ullensvang joint council in Ullensvang parish in Hardanger and Voss parish in Bjørgvin diocese in The Church of Norway. The parish has a church, Kinsarvik church, a stone church built 1150–1160.

The family name Kinsarvik
Kinsarvik has also been used as a family name, a well-known bearer is the woodcarver and furniture maker Lars Kinsarvik. Today, there are only seven people who claim the surname Kinsarvik in Norway.