Kleppe is the largest town and administration center in Klepp municipality on Jæren in Rogaland county. Kleppe is home to 9206 (as of 1 January 2018) people, including the village of Verdalen, which Kleppe borders in the west.

Klepp church, wooden church from 1846, is located between the two ridges Kleppevarden and Haugabakka. Close to the church, in the direction of Kleppevarden, is Jæren Folk High School. Below the church is Kleppekrossen, which is the center of the village. In Kleppekrossen there are, among other things, shops, banks, a doctor's office and the town hall. In the northeastern part of Kleppe are Klepp Stadium, Kleppe School and Klepp Youth School. Further in an easterly direction towards the settlement and the railway station Klepp station is a sports and swimming hall and gym.

Between Kleppe and Verdalen runs Fylkesvei 44, which is the most important road connection between the jær municipalities Klepp, Time and Hå and the urban municipalities Sandnes and Stavanger in the north, and Sola northwest via Fylkesvei 510.

Kleppe is, together with most settlements on Jæren between Nærbø and Randaberg, in enormous growth. The urban cityscape seen in Stavanger is spreading rapidly to Jæren, and Nærbø, Kleppe, Verdalen, Bryne, Sola, Sandnes, Randaberg and Stavanger may within a few years have grown together into a large urban area which will thus be the country's second largest.