Lakselv (Kven Lemmijoki, North Sami Leavdnja is a town and administration center in Porsanger municipality in Finnmark. The town has 2,301 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020. Lakselv is located in the innermost part of the Porsangerfjord. E6 runs through the place, and from Lakselv county road 98 goes to Tana bridge.

Lakselv has a medium-sized airport, Lakselv Airport, Banak, with daily connections to Tromsø operated by Widerøe, as well as charter flights during the summer season. Here we also find the rescue helicopter squadron at Banak airport. The squadron has two Sea King helicopters stationed at Banak. The airport is located about 2.5 kilometers north of Lakselv center.

Lakselv has a large selection of shops and goods compared to the population, and also functions as a trading place for surrounding municipalities. Lakselv is Finnmark's fourth largest trading place.

Lakselv also houses the Finnmark property (FeFo), which was established on 1 July 2006. FeFo manages 96% of the land in Finnmark.


Leisure activities
In July, the Midnattsrocken festival is held at Brennelvneset. The festival annually presents 20-25 national and international artists, and gathers thousands of spectators. The festival was held in the years 1984–1989 and after a break, the festival was resumed in 2001. The festival is now one of the largest music festivals in northern Norway.

The nature around Lakselv has many opportunities for outdoor life. The salmon river flows through the Lakselv valley and is known for large salmon. There are also countless fishing lakes in the area around Lakselv.

Porsangerfjord Idrettspark is located in Lakselv, with a football hall, sports hall, swimming pool, heating pool, climbing wall and stadium for football and athletics.