Langesund is a town in Bamble municipality in Vestfold and Telemark county. Langesund is located at the far end of the border to Ytre Oslofjord and Skagerrak at the entrance to Frierfjorden. Langesund is located on a peninsula and has about 5,500 inhabitants. Langesund is the administrative center of Bamble municipality.


Langesund municipality
Langesund is also the name of a former municipality in Telemark. The municipality of Langesund was established in 1837 after the place had been a charging station from 1765. In 1964, the municipalities of Langesund and Stathelle were merged with Bamble municipality.

History and business
Historically, Langesund is a city with long maritime traditions and was early one of Norway's most important cities in shipping.

Langesund became a customs post in 1570, and in the 1580s was the largest export port for timber in Norway. From 1602 to around 1635, the Dutch ran a saltworks that King Christian IV built on Langøya to clean imported salt. At the end of the 17th century, a large shipbuilding started, and when the timber ceased, shipbuilding and shipping became the most important industries in the city (see Langesund mechanical workshop).

The customs office Langesund was closed down in 1962.

The business community in Langesund houses companies that are the leaders in corrosion and cathodic protection. Skarpenord AS, led by Øystein Klingenberg for many years, and Cathwell AS both have their origins in a traditional maritime and offshore-related environment. The pleasure boat industry also has representatives in the city. Snekka Skager 660 is made from scratch at the yard at Langesund.

One of the world's most famous mathematicians, Atle Selberg, was born in Langesund.

From 2006 to 2008, Kystlink operated a passenger ferry, MS «Pride of Telemark» / MS «Fantaasia», between Langesund and Hirtshals in Denmark and Strömstad in Sweden.

From July 2013, Fjordline operates a passenger ferry between Langesund and Hirtshals in Denmark with MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord.

The summer town
Langesund is bustling with people from May to August. Concerts and festivals characterize the cityscape. Every summer there is a fish festival and a shanty festival. Bob Dylan and a-ha played at Wrightegaarden, the city's culture house and concert stage, in 2001. Also other famous artists such as Leonard Cohen, Little Richard, B.B. King, Turboneger, TOTO and Elton John have played in Langesund. Postgirobygget plays every summer at Wrightegaarden, and has made the song Sommer på jorda which refers to the summer town Langesund.