Nordseter is a built and former hamlet in Lillehammer municipality in Innlandet county which is located 850 meters above sea level. and 14 km from Lillehammer city center.


Nature, buildings and activities
The place is characterized by forest stretches, mountain ranges and fishing lakes. The traditional pasture life with cows and goats has ceased on Nordseter, but the sheep and cows from Lillehammer still graze here. The tourist companies at Nordseter will develop offers on the basis of nature-based activities and want to preserve the place's character of peace and quiet. Nordseter has groomed ski trails in both forest and mountain terrain.

In summer, the mountains are accessible by bike, on foot and on horseback. The area is suitable for touring cycling. We work continuously to maintain and improve fishing in the mountain lakes. Nordseter's character differs from alpine centers by being a starting point for hikers, summer and winter, in varied and not least quiet nature. This is pointed out in the «Municipal sub-plan for physical activity and nature experience 2005–08». Development of new public facilities at Nordseter should be subordinated to the site's profile with relatively modest dimensions of the building stock.

Nordseter has hotels (including Nordseter Sportell, and Lillehammer Fjellstue), a mountain church and a service center. The accommodation capacity is 900 beds at hotels and cabins. In addition, about 500 private cottage properties are located here. There are several daily departures by bus to and from Lillehammer, and with your own car it takes about 15 minutes down to Lillehammer center.

Fylkesvei 311 (Nordsetervegen) from Lillehammer post office ends at Nevra high mountain apartments on Nordseter.