Odda is a town and administration center in Ullensvang municipality in Vestland county in Norway. The city is located in the innermost part of Sørfjorden in Hardanger, and has 4,840 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020. Odda was the administrative center in Odda municipality, which on 1 January 2020 was merged with Jondal and Ullensvang to form the new Ullensvang municipality.

The industrial heritage in Odda-Tyssedal was entered in 2009 on Norway's tentative list for the UNESCO World Heritage List, together with the Rjukan – Notodden industrial heritage.


Public services
Odda Hospital is a local hospital for the municipalities of Eidfjord, Jondal, Odda and Ullensvang.
Odda upper secondary school offers both vocational and study specialization educations.

Odda is known as an industrial site, with companies such as Odda Smelter, Boliden Odda (formerly Norzink) and Tinfos Titan & Iron (TTI).

To the east, Hardanger and Odda have since 1968 had a year-round connection to Eastern Norway via Haukelifjell on the E134, and to the southwest over Skare and then down to Åkrafjorden out to Haugesund on the E134 and on to Stavanger on the E39. Towards Bergen has been slimmer, albeit with the two alternatives over Kvamskogen or Voss, in both cases out Sørfjorden, then either ferry Kinsarvik-Utne-Kvanndal and further on Rv7 over Kvamskogen, or ferry Brimnes – Bruravik and further on Rv13 to Voss and so on on E16.

In recent decades, however, there has been a rapid development in terms of long-distance transport in Hardanger, and after the Hardanger Bridge opens in August 2013, there will also be a ferry-free alternative to Bergen and outer Hordaland. Based in Odda, there will then be the following three route choices for a trip to Bergen:
Odda – Mauranger – Jondal – Kvamskogen – Bergen: 133 km,
Odda – Utne – Kvamskogen – Bergen: 165 km,
Odda – Hardangerbrua – Voss – Bergen: 190 km,

According to this calculation, the fastest route will still be over the Hardanger Bridge, since ferry waiting and crossing take time.