Ogna is a town south of Hå municipality in Rogaland. The settlement has 387 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020, and is located approximately four kilometers north of Sirevåg and approximately 19 kilometers south of the municipal center Varhaug. Geographically, Ogna is located in the hilly Dalane, just south of the flat Jæren.

The railway stops here, and the tourist road Nordsjøveien goes straight through the center of Ogna. There are long, white sandy beaches, and many artists have their haunt in the village. Just north of Ogna, the Ogna River flows out, it is a rich salmon river.

In the period 1838 to 1964, Ogna was its own Norwegian municipality. In 1964, Ogna merged with Varhaug and Nærbø municipalities to Hå municipality.


The land around Ogna is mostly flat, but in the north it is hilly. In the southwest, the sea is closest to Ogna. The highest point in the area has a height of 85 meters and is 1.6 km northeast of Ogna. The nearest larger town is Egersund, 13.7 km southeast of Ogna. In the region around Ogna, swamps are very common.

The climate is temperate. The average temperature is 6 °C. The warmest month is August, at 14 °C, and the coldest is February, at 0 °C.