Øksfjord (Sámi: Ákšovuotna, Kvenian: Aksuvuono) is a place in Northern Norway. It has about 500 inhabitants and is the center of the municipality of Loppa in the province of Troms og Finnmark.

The main sources of income for the inhabitants are fishing and the fish processing industry.

The town is located on the eastern shore of the 25 km long Øksfjord, not far south of its entrance, and with its small ferry port Vassdalen is the pier of the traditional Hurtigruten mail line. There are also several ferries from Øksfjord to neighboring areas, such as Hasvik Municipality (with Hasvik Airport) on the island of Sørøya.

The provincial road Fv882, built between 1905 and 1910, from Øksfjord to Øksfjordbotn at the southern end of the fjord and on to European Route 6, about 40 kilometers away, connects the town with the Norwegian road network. The Øksfjord tunnel between Storvik and Skarbergodden, which was 4252 meters long and opened in 1988, replaced the old road on the north bank of the Øksfjord, which was at risk of falling rocks.

Sightseeing features
The Øksfjordjøkelen glacier is about 10 kilometers south-west of the town. It has an area of ​​about 43 km² and calves directly into the Jøkelfjord in Troms province. The church was built in 1954.

sons and daughters of the town
Hans E. Kinck (1865–1926), Norwegian writer