Rosendal is a town and administration center in Kvinnherad municipality in Western Norway. The town has 787 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020, and is the municipality's largest tourist settlement.


Geographically, Rosendal is located at the end of the Hardangerfjord and between the mountains Skålafjell, Melderskin and Malmangernuten. From Rosendal there is access to Myrdal with the fish-rich Myrdalsvatnet at the end.

You can easily drive from Rosendal to Odda through the Folgefonn tunnel, which opened on 15 June 2001. The Folgefonn tunnel is the only mainland connection out of the municipality from Rosendal. You can also get to Rosendal via the ferry connections Gjermundshavn-Årsnes, Skjersholmane-Ranavik, Utbjoa-Sydnes or Skånevik-Utåker.

Sights and leisure activities
Rosendal also has the largest tourist attraction in the municipality, the Barony of Rosendal, a museum that sheds light on the time of union with Denmark. Kvinnherad church in Rosendal is a stone church from around 1250. There is also a shipbuilding museum in the village. Every year, festivals such as Rosendal Music Festival, Rosendal Food & Art Festival and others are also arranged.

In Rosendal Harbor there is room for up to 100 guest boats - with water, electricity, internet and service building etc. In Skålafjæra (on the quayside in the center) there is adapted space for motorhomes, with emptying systems. Rosendal has its own cultural calendar on its own website.

Rosendal has a newly built riding hall for those interested. There are around 30 - 35 horses in Rosendal, most of them are Norwegian fjord horses, Norway's national horse breed. In Steinparken a stone's throw from the town hall, you can experience an excerpt of the Folgefonn Peninsula's diverse rock and rock types. Here is also the newly restored Vangsaga. In Rosendal is also Folgefonna National Park Center.

Rosendal is together with Husnes Kvinnherad municipality's millennium site. The millennium site in Rosendal is marked with a sculpture on Bankplassen.