Setermoen is the administrative center of the municipality of Bardu in the south of Fylke Troms og Finnmark in Norway. The place is situated by the river Barduelva, about 25km east of Sjøvegan and about 25km south of Bardufoss. Setermoen is 80 m above sea level and has 2468 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2021).

The municipal council granted Setermoen city rights in 1999, but this was rejected and prevented by the Norwegian central government because the town has fewer than 5,000 inhabitants.

Setermoen is situated along the Barduelva river and on the shore of Lake Sætervatnet in the middle of the Bardudalen valley. The place is about 23km south of Andselv with Bardufoss Airport. and approximately 75km east of Harstad town. The E6 runs through the center of Setermoen. Both the Bardu kirke and the Setermoen military camp are located in Setermoen.

Military camp Setermoen
Military training was introduced in Setermoen in 1898. The site was chosen for its strategic location in the middle of Bergen, making it one of the oldest operational army bases in Norway. The presence of the Norwegian Army has shaped the place in many ways.

There are a total of 1000 soldiers and 500 officers in Setermoen, making it the largest garrison in Norway. As part of Brigade North, the following parts are located in Setermoen:
Artilleribataljonen (Artillery Battalion)
Panserbataljonen (tank battalion)
Sanitetsbataljonen (Medical Battalion)
Etteretningsbataljonen (espionage battalion)

A major renovation program has been underway since July 2012. Most of the buildings and barracks of the military camp will be demolished and replaced with new ones. The project will cost over NOK 1 billion. The reason for the project is that after the end of the cold war, the tasks of the army have changed and more efforts have to be made to recruit volunteers.