Stjørdal (Stjørdalshalsen)


Stjørdal (Southern Sami: Skïerde / Sjïeredaelie) is an urban municipality in Trøndelag county. Stjørdal is one of the wide valleys by the Trondheim Fjord. Stjørdal is among the county's fastest growing municipalities; since 2008 also the second most populous, after Trondheim, with around 24,000 inhabitants. The administration center is Stjørdalshalsen, a town with almost 15,000 inhabitants. Stjørdal received city status in 1997. Until 1 January 2018, the municipality was part of Nord-Trøndelag county.

Stjørdal borders in the west to Malvik, which lies between Stjørdal and Trondheim, in the south to Selbu, in the east to Meråker, and in the north to Levanger and in the sea in the northwest to Frosta. Stjørdal is a traffic junction where Europavei 14 takes off from Europavei 6, the railway sections Nordlandsbanen and Meråkerbanen meet at Hell, Fylkesvei 705 runs from Stjørdal to Selbu, Tydal and Brekken. Trondheim Airport, Værnes is the regional main airport. Stjørdal harbor is located by the Stjørdalsfjord. It is 30 km between Stjørdal and Trondheim, which takes about half an hour by car, bus or train. Storlien is an hour away.

Stjørdal is a center for trade and transport. Oil and gas technology, energy and environmental technology, mechanical product development and information technology are some other important industries in Stjørdal's business. Equinor's operations administration for the central region of the Norwegian Sea is located at Tangen in Stjørdal. Nord University has a place of study for traffic subjects and economic-administrative subjects at Tangen. It is both civilian and military activity linked to Trondheim Airport, Værnes and Værnes garrison. Stjørdal is also an important agricultural district with extensive grain and potato cultivation, milk and meat production and forestry.

The municipality has many ancient monuments, and was especially in pre-Christian times considered a center of power in Trøndelag. Steinvikholm Castle, the Catholic Church's last stronghold in Norway, is one of the foremost symbols of Stjørdal. Hegra fortress and the rock carvings in Hegra and Lånke are also well visited. The more than 900-year-old Værnes Church is Norway's oldest building that is still in use. Many foreign tourists also visit Hell station with "Gods-Expedition". From Forbordsfjellet there are miles of views in all directions beyond Trøndelag. Salmon fishing in Stjørdalselva has long traditions.