Tana (Northern Sami: Deatnu; Kven: Taana; Finnish: Teno) is a municipality in East Finnmark in Troms and Finnmark counties, and a geographical and communication hub in East Finnmark. The municipality borders in the south to Finland (Utsjok), in the southwest to Karasjok, in the west to Porsanger, in the northwest to Lebesby and Gamvik, in the northeast to Berlevåg and in the east to Båtsfjord (at one point), Vadsø and Nesseby.

Tana municipality's only settlement is Tana bridge (750 inhabitants 1 January 2020).

The municipality belongs to the administrative area for the Sami language.

The river Tana is Norway's 3rd longest river and forms the national border between Norway and Finland. Tana is a trilingual municipality, Norwegian, Sami and Kven are spoken. On the opposite side of the Tana River is the municipality of Utsjok in Finland. The most important industries in Tana are agriculture, reindeer husbandry, mining, construction and services.

Border crossing to / from Finland takes place at Polmak and over Samelandsbrua at Utsjok. Tana bridge was built in 1948 and has a main span of 195 meters. It is Norway's longest soft suspension bridge.

E75 and E6 go through the municipality.



Until 1914, Tana also included the current Gamvik and Berlevåg municipalities. Polmak, on the other hand, was not part of the municipality until 1964.

In Sami the river is called Tana Deatnu and in Kven Teno (joki) or Taana (njoki) ('Big river, main river').
The watercourse that originates i.a. in Finland and passes through Karasjok and Tana municipalities and flows into the Tanafjord.
The Tana River is 330 km long.
The Tana River with tributaries (Tanavassdraget) has salmon over a stretch of a total of approx. 800 km.
Border river between Norway and Finland over 256 km.
The Tana River runs past Tana municipality and Lebesby municipality's largest mountain, Rásttigáisá.
Major source students are Anárjohka and Kárášjohka / Iešjohka as well as Utsjok in Finland.
Precipitation field 15330 square kilometers, of which approx. 70% in Norway.
Norway's by far the largest salmon river.
Holds the world record for salmon (Atlantic) caught on a pole, 32.5 kg, taken in 1951, by Nils Mathis Walle.
Especially for the Tana River is driftnet fishing and fence fishing.
Own law regulates fishing in the Tana River.
The Tana estuary is one of Europe's largest untouched delta areas.

65 km long. Located in the municipalities of Deanu / Tana, Berlevåg and Gamvik.
The fjord is located between the Varanger Peninsula and the North Kyn Peninsula.
Fjord arms are i.a. Vestertana, Tarmfjorden, Smalfjorden, Leirpollen, Langfjorden, Hopsfjorden and Trollfjorden.