Vikersund is an urban town and administration center in Modum municipality in Viken county. The settlement has 3,232 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020 and is located furthest southwest in the Tyrifjord, where the outlet of the fjord forms the Drammenselva by Vikerfossen.


Vikersund is located 30 kilometers south of Hønefoss and 40 kilometers northwest of Drammen. The main road, national road 35, passes Vikersund, while Vikersund station is connected to the Bergen line via the Randsfjord line. Between Vikersund and the town of Krøderen runs Norway's longest museum railway, the Krøder line.

Historically, Vikersund has been important in the wood processing and paper industry. Timber was floated on the Tyrifjord, further out Vikerfossen and down Drammenselva from Vikersund. Today, the largest employers in Vikersund are Modum municipality, Modum Bad and the construction company Albert Kr. Hæhre.

Vikersund has a primary school - Vikersund primary school, and a secondary school - Nordre Modum secondary school. The students at NMU come from Vikersund school, Sysle primary school and some also come from Stalsberg school (Geithus).

Culture and sports
Vikersund is perhaps best known for its ski flying slope, Vikersundbakken. In April 2010, development began so that the slope became the world's largest ski jump. It was first used during the World Trials in February 2011, and regularly hosts the World Cup in ski flying. Johan Remen Evensen set a new hill record and world record during the Test World Championships in 2011 with two jumps of 243 and 246.5 meters, in the 2nd test round and the qualification, respectively. In February 2012, the World Cup in ski flying was held there. The hill was further developed before the World Cup races in 2013. Stefan Kraft set a new hill and world record on March 18, 2017 with a jump of 253.5 meters.

Modum municipality has many cultural and sports facilities. In Vikersund is, among other things, Vikersund Jumping Center with seven ski jumps, a nine-hole golf course, alpine slope and Modum Kulturhus.