Evoramonte Castle (Évora Monte or Évoramonte)

Evoramonte Castle


Location: Evoramonte, Évora District    Map

Constructed: 1160


Description of Evoramonte Castle

Evoramonte Castle is a medieval fortifications in the town of Evoramonte, Évora District in Portugal. Although the site of Evoramonte Castle was inhabited since prehistoric times, the history of the castle begins in 1160 then Portuguese armies under leadership of Gerard Fearless defeated Moors (Arabs) and constructed their citadel to secure their possession of the newly acquired lands. It seems that military fortifications were reconstructed in the early 14th century and again in the 16th century after devastating earthquake of 1531. Bishop Theodosius of Braganza order construction of a palace in a style of an Italian Renaissance. Over time the castle lost much of its military importance, but it remained a powerful symbol of national pride and history.
Evoramonte Castle played an important role in Portuguese history as this was the site of signing of Concession of Evoramonte (or Convention of Evoramonte) on May 26, 1834 by Dom Pedro IV and Dom Miguel I. This document ended Civil War (1828- 34) between Constitutionalists and the Miguelites or Absolutists (as in Absolute Monarchy). Dom Miguel was forced to leave Portugal, while the first became an undisputed ruler of the land. In 1910 castle was designated as a National Monument under special protection from a government.