Pena National Palace (Palácio Nacional da Pena)

Pena National Palace


Location: Estrada da Pena, 5 km (3 mi) South of Sintra  Map

Constructed: 1842–1854

Tel. 219 105 340

Open: Jul- mid- Sep: 10am- 6pm Tue- Sun

mid- Sep- June: 10am- 4:30pm Tue- Sun

Closed: 1 Jan, Easter, 1 May, 29 Jun, 25 Dec


Description of Pena National Park


Pena National Palace is without a doubt one of the most picturesque and unique residence in Portugal and all of Europe. It is situated near a town of São Pedro de Penaferrim, 5 km (3 mi) South of Sintra. Original building on a site of a Pena National Palace was a medieval chapel Our Lady of Pena that was devoted to Mother of God after apparition of her was seen here. Over time it grew into a large monastery that was commonly visited by members of the royal family as well as aristocratic families. However by 19th century it lost much of its importance. Portuguese king Ferdinand II with his wife Queen Maria II decided to constructed their own residence with extensive reconstruction of the original medieval monastery. They hired Lieutenant-General and mining engineer Baron Wilhem Ludwig von Eschwege to complete the task. He combined Portuguese, Arab, German and other influences in a single building. As a result he got a magnificent ensemble that represents architectural heritage of his country.


The whole composition of the mountains, the castle and the adjacent park of 270 hectares is one of the earliest examples of romantic landscape architecture of the 19th century. The castle and park arose in 1840 as a summer royal residence on the site of a small abandoned manueline-style monastery.

The construction was organized by Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, husband of the Queen of Portugal, Mary II. He invested enormously in this project, and work continued until his death in 1885. The interior with the decoration is preserved in the form in which they were left by the last owner, Queen Amelia, forced to flee Portugal in 1910.