Beira Litoral, Portugal

Beira Litoral is a historic province (or natural region) located in the Center of Portugal, formally established by an administrative reform that took place in 1936. Its territory corresponds for the most part to that of the former Douro Province that disappeared in the 19th century. It later became part of the Province of Beira.

The provinces of 1936, however, practically never had any practical attribution, and disappeared from the administrative vocabulary (but not from the daily vocabulary of the Portuguese) with the entry into force of the Portuguese Constitution of 1976, being a current historic province of Portugal.

It was also one of the administrative regions of the regionalization proposal rejected in a referendum in 1998.

It is bordered to the north by the Douro Litoral, to the east by Beira Alta and Beira Baixa, to the southeast by Ribatejo, to the southwest by Estremadura and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean.

It is then made up of 38 municipalities, comprising most of the districts of Aveiro and Coimbra, half of the district of Leiria, and even one municipality in the district of Santarém. It had its headquarters in the city of Coimbra.

District of Aveiro: Águeda, Albergaria-a-Velha, Anadia, Aveiro, Estarreja, Ílhavo, Mealhada, Murtosa, Oliveira de Azeméis, Oliveira do Bairro, Ovar, São João da Madeira, Sever do Vouga, Vagos, Vale de Cambra.
District of Coimbra: Arganil, Cantanhede, Coimbra, Condeixa-a-Nova, Figueira da Foz, Góis, Lousã, Mira, Miranda do Corvo, Montemor-o-Velho, Penacova, Penela, Soure, Vila Nova de Poiares.
District of Leiria: Alvaiázere, Ansião, Batalha, Castanheira de Pera, Figueiró dos Vinhos, Leiria, Pedrógão Grande, Pombal.
District of Santarém: Ourém.

Currently, this province forms part, almost entirely, of the Centro region, including three municipalities located in the Norte region, a sub-region of the CIM Region of Aveiro (which reintegrates part of the extinct regions of Entre Douro e Vouga and Baixo Vouga ) - Oliveira de Azeméis, São João da Madeira and Vale de Cambra. As for the municipalities in the Centro region, they are distributed over the entirety of the aforementioned sub-region of the CIM Region of Aveiro and the CIM Region of Coimbra (except for the municipalities of Oliveira do Hospital and Tábua, which belonged to Beira Alta, and Pampilhosa da Serra, integrated in Beira Baixa), part of the CIM Region of Leiria (except the municipalities of Marinha Grande and Porto de Mós) and, finally, a municipality of the Middle Tejo Ourém.



Castanheira de Pera
Figueira da Foz
Ílhavo, a capital portuguesa do Bacalhau
Santa Maria da Feira
Torre de Bera


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