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Sao Vicente de Fora (Lisbon)

Sao Vicente de Fora (Lisbon)



Location: Largo de Sao Vicente
Tel. 21- 882 44 00
Bus: 12, 34
Trolley: 28
Open: Tue- Sun
Closed: public holidays









Sao Vicente de Fora or Roman Catholic Church of Saint Vincent is dedicated to patron saint of the city of Lisbon. It was constructed in 1173. Subsequently remains of Saint Vincent were brought here from a Algarve. Beautiful facade and its two towers that flank the main Western entrance of Saint Vincent Church was designed during late Renaissance. Three statues of Saint Vincent, Saint Augustine and Saint Sebastian stand over the entrance. Inside the church you can find graves of Portuguese kings that rest in stone sarcophagi starting from Juan IV (died in 1656) to Manuel II the last King of Portugal.


The modern church of the monastery was built in 1582-1629, while other buildings were completed only in the XVIII century. For this reason, the monastery, originally built in the Romanesque style, has the features of Mannerism, and the altar painting of the XVIII century is made in the Baroque style.