Ludmila Dubinina Autopsy



Ludmila Dubinina wore a short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, and two sweaters. The body was covered by underwear, long socks, two pairs of pants. External pair was badly damaged by fire and subsequently ripped. She also wore a small hat and two pairs of warm sock. A third sock was not paired. Ludmila apparently in the last attempt to preserve her feet took off her sweater and cut it in two pieces. One half she rapped around her left foot. Another half she left or dropped unintentionally on the snow.
- tongue is missing
- soft tissues are missing around eyes, eyebrows, and left temporal area, bone is partially exposed (1)
- eyes are missing (1)
- nose cartilages are broken and flattened (2)
- 2, 3, 4, 5 ribs are broken on the right side, two fracture lines are visible (3)
- 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ribs are broken on the left side, two fracture lines are visible (4)
- soft tissues of the upper lip are missing, teeth and and upper jaw is exposed
- massive hemorrhage in the heart's right atrium
- bruise in the middle left thigh, size 10*5cm (6)
- damaged tissues around left temporal bone, size 4*4cm (7)

Ludmila Dubinina Autopsy 

Case of the missing Tongue
Occasionally you hear claims that the tongue was ripped, or eaten, or whatnot. The medical records simply that "the tongue is missing". Vozrojdenniy doesn't give any details on the extent, nature of the damage and doesn't state the condition of the remaining tissues.
Tongue is a complicated group of muscles in the human body. It is made of Intrinsic muscles that give the tongue its shape and help change it shape. You probably met people who can roll their tongues, bend them in a strange way. These are intrinsic muscles. Extrinsic muscles protrude, retract the tongue. These muscle help us to articulate words. In older literature they are referred as the diaphragm of the tongue.
Description "The tongues is missing" is something that no medical student can get away with, much less an experienced doctor. It is basically an insult to anyone who reads. As a professional coroner he would have to state muscles involved. Biting of a tip of the tongue in death agony is one thing, the whole tongue ripped out is another thing. Nature of the cut should have been reported. Was it a straight cut from a sharp object, was it a subject of predation by animals or organisms that lived in the melting waters? We will never know as vague autopsy description yields us no clues whatsoever.
Below is a subjective thoughts on the autopsy report. It seems that the report of the Dubinina complicated the Criminal Investigation. Previous bodies showed some strange details that were indicative of a struggle, but could be brushed off as accidental. In the case of the last four remaining bodies a mere accident couldn't explain the deaths of tourists. So the coroner intentionally made the report so vague. If he had a simple explanation like predation, he most likely would include it in the report. Another fact that speak against the predation are morgue pictures. Picture of Ludmila after her body was delivered, clearly shows that there is no damage around her mouth, nose, ears or other soft tissues. If the body was devoured by scavengers, insects or even fish in the water these would be the first parts of the body that would show signs of damage.
Dubinina autops looks weird especially given the fact previous bodies had more detailed autopsies. There is no credible explanation for this vague statement. Although it is mentioned that the stomach contained about 100 g of coagulated blood. It is used by some as an indication that the heart was beating and the blood was flowing when tongue was removed from a mouth.
The cause of death is stated as hemorrhage into right atrium of the heart, multiple fractured ribs and internal bleeding.


Dubinina Official Autopsy Report


Sheet 355

Gore. Ivdel

ACT №4

forensic examination of the corpse.
May 9, 1959 According to the decision the prosecutor criminologist prosecutors Sverdlovsk region on May 7, 1959 the regional forensic medical examiner for the Sverdlovsk Region Restored Bureau, in the presence of the prosecutor-criminalist oblprokuratury ml. Adviser Justice GN Ivanova, expert criminalist Churkina GA, indoors infirmary n / I number 240, in daylight, studied the corpse c. Dubinina Lyudmila Alexandrovna, 20 years old, to establish the cause of death.

Circumstances of the case:
January 28 a group of tourists in the composition of the 9 participants went to ski tour route Ivdel - Mount Otorten. I.II.59 the group began climbing in the evening stopped at the height of 1079.
On the night of February 2, all participants of the march were killed.

A. External examination:
On the dissecting table is a female corpse in the clothes: color knitted knitted hat. Wool gray-brown svitr worn, underneath wearing beige wool svitr, plaid cowboy shirt? Ority whose sleeves fastened with buttons. Yellow jersey T-shirt with short sleeves, white cotton bra on the three buttons buttoned. On the corpse dressed ragged cotton pants are dark, with a belt with an elastic band. Pants torn badly and sometimes deified.
The left leg - the area partially leg and foot wrapped in a gray shestyanoy deification of the flap jackets with sleeves. On the left leg wearing a ragged brown woolen sock. On both legs, cotton blue, torn socks. Beneath gray woolen socks machine knitting. Black cotton tights torn in the crotch area, in poyasa- with an elastic band.
On the feet of the corpse light brown cotton stockings. With his left foot stocking launched, right stocking is held eraser. Grey waist with elastic bands ??? MSCI-garter. Satin masculine cut pants. Belt fastened on the black buttons.
After removing the clothes found: a female corpse, correct body, good nutrition, length 167 cm Cadaverous spots bluish-gray in color, richly arranged on the back and side surfaces and ??, trunk and extremities.. At the head of blond hair, braided into a single plait up to 50 cm. The braid is woven blue silk ribbon. Forehead straight, sloping backwards.
Skin Face zheltovatoskorichnevogo colors, soft tissue in the brow, the nose, eye sockets and left temporo-malar area missing exposing the facial bones. Gaping orbits, the eyeballs are absent. Bones of the nasal bridge are intact, the cartilage of the nose flattened. The absence of the soft tissues of the upper lip on the right with the thinning of the edges and the exposure of the alveolar edge of the upper jaw and teeth. Teeth are smooth, ?? lye. Language in the mouth is missing. Oral mucous gray-greenish in color.

Sheet 356
- 2 -
Auricles oval. The openings of the mouth, nose and ear passages clean. The neck is long, thin. Soft tissue of the neck area of ​​the touch flabby. When the feeling of the neck is determined by an unusual mobility horns of the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage. The rib cage is cylindrical in shape. The mammary glands of average size, elastic. Nipple and areola blednokorichnevogo color. The stomach is located at chest level. External genitalia are formed correctly. Hymen annular shape with a high roller, fleshy. Natural orifice hymen passes the tip of the little finger of an adult. The mucous membrane of the vagina lilovokrasnogo color. On the outside and the front surface of the left thigh, in the middle third, diffuse bruising bluish-purple on a plot size of 10 x 5 cm., With hemorrhage into the thickness of the skin.
The back of the hands soft tissue, dense to the touch, the fingers half-bent arms. The terminal phalanx of hands covered with "skin of bath", which slides along with the nail plate. In the feet and toes "bath skin" blednoserogo color and a violet hue. When the feeling of the chest is determined by the unusual mobility of the ribs. In the area of ​​the left parietal bone defect of soft tissue, the size of 4 x 4 cm., The bottom of the defect is naked parietal bone.

B. The internal survey.


Skin patches of the scalp with the inner surface of the moist, juicy and brilliant. The bones of the skull base and vault intact. Brain membrane cyanosis, poor blood supply. Brains and Brain furrow distinguished bad. The gray matter of the brain is different from the bad white. The contours of the lateral ventricles of the brain to distinguish bad. Vessels base of the brain without features. Subcutaneous fatty tissue of the body is well developed. The position of internal organs proper, in the pleural cavity contained up to one and a half liters of liquid of dark blood. The pericardium contained up to 20 cm 3 of a yellowish clear liquid. Heart 12 x 4 x 5. In the right ventricle of irregular oval shape size 4 x 4 cm hemorrhage., Impregnation with diffuse right ventricular muscle. The thickness of the left ventricular muscle 1.4 cm right -. 0.5 cm .. In the right and left half of the heart contained up to 50 cm liquid dark blood.. heart valves of the aorta and pulmonary artery smooth, thin, brilliant. Coronary heart available passable. The inner surface of the aortic smooth and clean. Light from the surface sinyushnokrasnogo color fluffy to the touch. In the context of lung tissue dark red color when pressed with the cut surface liberally dripping bloody foamy fluid lumen of the bronchi free. The horns of the hyoid bone XXXXXXXX unusual mobility, soft tissue adjacent to the hyoid bone gryaznoserogo color. Aperture mouth and tongue missing. The upper edge of the hyoid bone is exposed. The mucous membrane of the esophagus, trachea bronchi sinyushnokrasnovatogo color. The stomach contained up to 100 see 3 slimy mass temnokrasnovatogo color. The mucous membrane of the stomach is loose, sinyushnokrasnogo color. Pancreas on melkodolchataya sectional sinyushnokrasnogo color. The liver surface is smooth, dull. liver size 23 x 12 x 10 x 6 cm.

Sheet 357
- 3 -
section of liver tissue korichnevokrasnovatogo color ??? plohorazlichimym night pattern. The gallbladder soderzhalosb to 5 cm. Of brown liquid, gallbladder mucosa velvety brown. Spleen loose to the touch, the channels still wrinkled. spleen size 7 x 5 x 2 cm. In the lumen of the small intestine contained a slimy mass gryaznozheltogo color. In the lumen of the large intestine contained fecal ?? landscaped colors. The mucous membrane of the intestine sinyushnokrasnovatogo color. ??? Ki from the surface smooth, brilliant. Capsule with kidney removed easily. In terms of kidney tissue dark red color. Right kidney size? x 5 x 2 cm., left kidney 9 x 5.5 x 2.3 cm. The cortical and medullary layer ??? ek well distinguishable. The cortical and adrenal medulla distinguishable ???? ho. Uterus on the cut blednoserogo color, lumen traces ??? tovatoy pale mucus. The ovaries and appendages without features. After removing organocomplexes of the thoracic and abdominal cavities found multiple broken ribs on the right sided II, III, IV, V by mid-clavicular line, and ?? ednepodmyshechnoy left fractured II, III, IV, V, yi, VII ribs in the midclavicular line. has spilled bleeding in the intercostal muscles in places ribs fracture.
In the area of ​​the handle to the right of the sternum diffuse hemorrhage.
For chemical and histological examination of the corpse said to take some of the internal organs.

The medical examiner - the signature (revived)

prosecutors Sverdlovsk region
Ml. Counselor of Justice - the signature (Ivanov)

Criminal expert (Churkin)

Based on the research of a corpse c. Dubinina LA I think ??? Dubinin's death was the result of extensive hemorrhage? ravy ventricle, multiple bilateral rib fractures, ??? ceiling elements of internal bleeding into the chest cavity.
These injuries may occur as a result of the impact of a large force, which entailed grave closed deadly ??? BMY chest at Dubinin. And the nature of the damage in vivo and are the result of a large force to the subsequent drop, throw or field of thoracic injury Dubinina cells.
The injuries of the head area of ​​the soft tissue and "skin bath 'limbs are posthumous changes (decay and decomposition) Dubinina corpse, which was recently before finding water.
Death Dubinina violent.

The medical examiner - the signature (revived)