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The head of the Igor Dyatlov was bare. He had unbuttoned fur coat with pockets, a sweater, long sleeved shirt, ski pants over his pants. Footwear was absent. He had only one pair of socks, woolen on the right, cotton on the left. It is hard to explain this uneven distribution. It could be that he had two socks on one foot and later took it off to protect the other bare foot. It might have been someone else's sock who simply gave it away to protect a friend from a certain death. He had a pocket knife and a photo of Zina Kolmogorova. The clock on the hand showed 5:31

- minor abrasions on the forehead (1)

- abrasions above the left eyebrow of brown- red color (3)

- brown- red abrasions on both cheeks (5)

- dried blood on lips (6)

- lower jaw had a missing incisor, the mucosa was intact that suggest the tooth was lost long before the final trip (6)

- on the lower third of the right forearm and the palm surface many small scratches of dark red coloration (11)

- metatarsophalangeal joints on the right hand had brown red bruises. This is common injury in hand to hand fights. To get a better idea of the injuries just make a fist. This is the part of the hand which you use to hit someone. (12- 16)

- brownish- purple bruises on the left hand, also superficial wounds on the 2nd and 5th finger

- bruised knees without bleeding into the underlying tissues (8)

- on the lower third of the right leg bruising (10)

- both ankles had abrasions, bright red, size 1*0.5 cm and 3.0*2.5 cm. Hemorrhage into the underlying tissue (9)


There were no internal injuries. Amount of urine in the bladder about one liter. The cause of death was hypothermia. Later Yury Yudin will testify that the long sleeved shirt found on the body of Igor Dyatlov was his. But he gave it to Doroshenko then he was departing. It would be logical to assume that Dyatlov got it from a frozen body of the Doroshenko after he had died.


Igor Dyatlov  Igor Dyatlov



Igor Dyatlov Official Autopsy Report

Sheet 120

ACT №1

Mortem examination CITIZEN
Igor A. Dyatlov, 23 years old

March 4, 1959 according to the 4th March 1959 according to the decision of the prosecutor's office of the Sverdlovsk region of the 3rd March 1959 the forensic experts of the Regional Bureau of Forensic Medicine of the Sverdlovsk region Renaissance VA and Laptev Yu in the presence of the public prosecutor of Sverdlovsk Region State Counselor of Justice Class III Vee-NI, the prosecutor criminologist regional prosecutor's office junior counselor of justice Ivanova LN tov.tov and witnesses. PROUD SD and NASKICHEVA KV in the room of the morgue of the central hospital management n / box number 240 when examined with the corpse of a citizen Dyatlova daylight and sunny weather, IA 23 years, to determine the cause of death and the responses to the questions listed in the decree.


January 23, 1959 amateur group of tourists of 10 people went to ski like the route Ivdel - Mountain Otorten. From phase 2 nd North went 9 people in the ski trip. February 1, 1959 the group began to climb the mountain and in the evening Otorten pitch a tent at a height of 1079.
On the night of February 2, under mysterious circumstances, there was the death of 9 persons.

Sheet 121

- 2 -

and / external examination

The body of the man right physique is on the dissecting table, the corpse pose: hands laid in the shoulder joints, the forearm bent at the elbows and are in a horizontal position. Fingers of hands flexed into fists and are located on the chest. the corpse's head tilted slightly backward, legs bent at the hip and knee joints, toes are turned inward and touching each other with your thumbs on the left forearm in the lower third of wearing watches brand "Star", the clock shows "5:00 31 minutes."
Clothes on the body: a fur sleeveless jacket covered with cotton blue material on the dark gray fur, blue vigonevy svitr, cotton cowboy shirt red in the dark gray square with three buttons, two upper undone. The cuffs buttoned one button. In the breast pocket was the packaging "streptocid" with 4 tablets, blue sleeveless jersey. Ski pants brown knitted fleece with an elastic band, beneath bumazeevye sports trousers blue-green color, with elastic, black satin pants. On the right foot wearing white woolen sock underneath cotton brown socks on his left foot cotton socks brown, like golf.
corpse length 175 cm, good food, with well-developed muscle groups. Cadaverous spots bluish-reddish color on the rear surface of the trunk of the neck and limbs. Rigor mortis was resolved in muscle groups joints. At the head of light brown hair.


Sheet 122

- 3 -

hair, up to 7 cm, trimmed at boxing, high forehead, sloping posteriorly, in the forehead on the frontal mounds minor abrasions dark red color in the left brow ridges graze the brown-red color, parchment density rises above the surface of the skin, eyebrows bushy svetlorusye, skin facial sinyushnokrasnovatogo color, eyes half-open, on the upper eyelids minor abrasions brown-red, the cornea is the eye is cloudy, iris gray, dilated pupils, nasal bridge straight to the bridge of the nose and the tip portion of the brown-red color of parchment density, size . 2 x 1.5 cm in both cheeks abrasion brownish-red color under dry crust 3 x 1.5 x 1 cm x 0.5 cm 3, -. the left and right small abrasions. Lips bluish-purple, covered with dried blood, mucous membrane of the gums pale gray. On the upper jaw teeth are white, even, rare, mandibular central incisor is absent without changing the mucous gums. Auricles bluish-pink oval in left cheek minor abrasions dark brown parchment density, nose and mouth openings clean neck unremarkable. The rib cage is cylindrical in shape, the stomach is situated below the chest level. External genitalia are formed correctly. The opening of the anus clean.
In the area of ​​the knee right and left bruises dark red, the size of 1 x 0.5 cm.? 0.5 to 0.5 cm. Parchment density without bleeding into the underlying tissues. In the area of ​​the left ankle susutava on the front side and rear surfaces in the areas of both ankles abrasions brown-red

Sheet 123

- 4 -

color depressed over the surface of the skin, as well as on ???? skin measuring 1 x 0.5 cm, 3 x 2; 5 cm., with bleeding into the underlying soft tissue. In the visible scratches one incision in the lower third of the right tibia skin osadnenie 4 x 2 cm, the outer-side surface in the lower third of the right forearm on the palmar surface of minor abrasions dark red parchment density. Rear right hand purple-gray. In the metacarpal-phalangeal joints and inter-phalangeal joints, soft tissue brown-purple, covered with parchment density dry parched skin with hemorrhage into the underlying tissues. The left hand burolilovogo Sadin color with brownish-red color, parchment density, the size of 1 to 0.5 cm to 0.2 cm 2. ???? Ix skin in the area of ​​the rear surface of the 2nd 4th ?? tsev. In the palmar surface of the 2nd 5th finger skin wound wrong-linear form with smooth edges, arranged transversely dlinniku fingers wound surface to a depth of 0.1 (or 0.2 -.. Ed note) see bone and cartilage skeleton. while feeling safe.

b- The internal investigation

Skin patches of the scalp with the inner surface of the moist, juicy, shiny pale red color, a set of bones and skull base - intact, dura cyanotic red-blooded, pia muddy, swollen, gyrus and sulcus of the brain ????? enes flattened, veschevstvo brain is jelly-like mass of green-red color. Grey


Sheet 124

- 5 -

matter of the brain poorly distinguishable from white, ventricles of the brain circuits are not distinguishable, the substance of the cerebellum pattern discernible bad vessels base of the brain without features, the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the body is well developed, the position of the internal organs proper, pleural cavity free, in the pericardium contained up to? 0 cm3 amber-colored liquid. ? Heart 2 x 7 x 10 cm, with a surface slightly charged to fat, cardiac muscle on the cut dark red; left ventricular muscle thickness 2 cm, 0.7 cm of the right, the right heart and the left half 250 contained sm.m3 dark liquid blood, heart valves, pulmonary and aortic smooth, thin light brilliant red mouth of the coronary arteries of freedom, arterial lumen expanded, well pass. The inner surface of aortic smooth, clean, width aortic arch over valves 8 cm. The light from the surface of bluish-red testovatoy to touch the cut lung tissue deep red color, when pressed with the cut surface flows in a large amount, the liquid dark blood and foamy bloody fluid lumen of the larynx and bronchi free, mucosa of the esophagus, trachea and bronchi bluish-red color. Horns pod''yazychnoy bones intact. The thyroid gland is the cut fleshy red. The stomach contained about 100 cm. 3 liquid slimy mass of brown-reddish color, the gastric mucosa purplish-red, swollen, with a well defined folds, on the upper surface of the mucous membrane of the stomach folds to have large numbers of small bleeding spots Vishnevsky. The sense of smell of the contents of the stomach felt sour smell, the pancreas on the cut shallow-lobed

Sheet 125

- 6 -

purplish-red color. In the lumen of the small intestine contained a slimy mass of reddish mucous ???? echnika bluish-reddish color. In the large intestine poluoformlenny feces light brown, slimy ???? chnika pale purple, spleen loose to the touch, her wrinkled ???? ula, the spleen size of 13 x 7 x 2 cm on the cut fabric spleen dark cherry color, pulp gives ??? cut large surface scraping, liver surface is smooth, shiny, liver size of 26 x 16 x 11 x 10 cm ?? section of liver tissue brown-cherry color, full-blooded, drawing liver slightly differences in the gallbladder contained up to 30 sm.m3 liquid olive green, gallbladder mucosa velvety mud color, kidneys ?? The surface is smooth, brilliant; capsule with a kidney removed easily, right kidney size 10 x 5 x 3.5 cm left kidney ?? x 5 x 3.5 cm. In the context of kidney tissue dark cherry color, cortex and medulla discernible bad distinguishable layers of the adrenal well. The bladder contained ?? liters of turbid, light-yellow liquid-colored, bladder mucosa pale gray. When the corpse study the presence of alcohol is not established.

For the chemical analysis of said corpse and taken for histological examination of the internal organs.



BUREAU forensic - signature / Renaissance /

North Ural - signature / Laptev /

PROSECUTOR the Sverdlovsk region
counselor of state

PROSECUTION ML. Counselor of Justice - / signature / / Ivanov /

Sheet 126


Based on these studies the corpse of a citizen Dyatlova Igor Alekseevich, 23 years considering the circumstances of the case believe that the death of Dyatlov was a result of low temperature / freezing / as evidenced by: swelling of the meninges, the sharp hyperemia of internal organs, overflow liquid dark blood cavities of the heart, the presence of stains Vishnevsky in the gastric mucosa, overflow bladder, limbs frostbitten fingers III and IV degree.
discovered (the word is entered by hand -.. Ed note) For external damage in the form of study osadneniya, abrasions and skin wounds caused by a blunt instrument that could arise as a result of a fall or injury on the rocks, ice and more.
The above injuries were caused during his lifetime, as well as in the agonal state posthumously. By the nature of injuries, damage to the above belong to the category of light without health disorders.
These studies corpse Dyatlova suggest that meal he had for 6-8 hours until death. The presence of alcohol is detected in the investigation. Death is violent, an accident.

BUREAU forensic - signature / Renaissance /

North Ural - signature / Laptev /