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Dyatlov Pass Incident Den


Dyatlov Pass Den is one of the key issues in the whole Dyatlov Pass Incident. On one hand it clearly shows that member of the party were sane enough to do anything in their power to survive. On the other hand it is still unclear on why their attempts didn't work.




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The Den of the Dyatlov Pass Incident

Dyatlov Pass Incident  Dyatlov Pass Incident  Dyatlov Pass Incident  Dyatlov Pass

The den was made by surviving four members of the Dyatlov group 70- 75 meters from the cedar in a ravine that was hidden from cold winds. It was discovered in May of 1959, shortly after snow began to melt in the region. Several items were discovered, which showed the correct direction for the search team. A trail of plucked pine branches and scraps of clothing led the search to the hollow stream. Excavation in a valley allowed to find remains of the den that Dyatlov group have constructed at a depth of 2.5 meters. They laid the floor of the Den with 14 peacks of small firs and one of birch. A total area of the floor was ​​about 3 m² . On the floor lay a few pieces of clothing. The position of objects on the floor showed four spots made as "seats" for four people.


Dyatlov Pass Incident  Dyatlov Pass Incident

Ortyukov is in military uniform and radio man is pictured here on the right in a stripped hat. Removal of the bodies from a ravine at Dyatlov Pass.


Upon further searching the ravine, about six meters downstream of the creek flow several bodies were discovered under a layer of 2.5 meters of snow. Body of Ludmila Dubinina, was standing on her knees, with a chest on the ledge, forming a stream's waterfall, head upstream. Almost immediately next to her head search team found the bodies of three men. Thibault-Brignoles was lying separately and Kolevatov and Zolotarev lying "chest-to-back." At the time of the discovery all the bodies were in the water and were described as partially decomposed. The text of the Criminal Investigation noted the need for removing them from the stream, as the body can further decompose even more in a fast-flowing stream.





Dubinina and Thibeaux-Brignolle at Dyatlov Pass

Dyatlov Pass Bodies

Zolotarev and Kolevatov at Dyatlov Pass. Notice a photo camera around the neck of Zolotarev. Man abandoned his tent, but doesn't forget his camera. The film was damaged by water the question remains: "What was so important that he had capture on the slope of the mountain that day?"


Digging of the Den was probably an idea of Zolotarev. It was a common way to survive winters at the front and given the circumstances it offered the best chance for survival for those who remained behind waiting in hope that their three friends will make it to the top of the mountain. It further undermines the theory of "paradox undressing". The group clearly realized their threats and did everything they could to preserve themselves. Fir and birch branches were brought here and laid out to minimize contact of human bodies and cold snow underneath. Furthermore Ludmila Dubinina had sweater and pants of Krivonischenko rapped around her legs. Both as it turned out had radiation present on them.


However the strangeness of the case was not resolved. In fact it became more weird. All, but three members had significant damage to their bones. They were crushed with immense force. Doctors compared the extend of the damage to being hit by a car. A second thing that is striking about the den is that bodies were actually found few feet from their improvised shelter in the deep part of the ravine on the area of only 4 square meters. Some of the clothes that were taken from bodies left underneath the cedar tree were placed on the cedar branches, but apparently they were not used.


The corpses were found few meters away from the discovered clothes of Krivonischenko and Doroshenko - pants, sweater. All clothes had traces of flat cuts, as they were taken from the dead corpses of Doroshenko and Krivonischenko. Corpses of Thibault-Brignoles and Zolotarev were found well dressed, Dubinina was dressed worse than other members- her jacket of faux fur and hat were on Zolotarev, her leg was wrapped in a woolen trousers of Krivonischenko. Krivonischenko knife was found next to corpses, it was used to cut off branches of  young firs.

- Decision to dismiss criminal case, Official criminal investigation






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