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Theories and explanations of Dyatlov Pass Incident

Dyatlov Pass Incident





As a prologue to this section, we will include words of Yury Yudin. He was a participant of the journey to the Otortenm but he quit due to illness. Later he participated in a search for his friends. In his interviews, he repeatedly critiqued the official investigation. This is an exempt of his interview shortly before he passed away in 2013.


Yuri Yudin: I must admit that we guessed right away that the death of guys is a state secret. It was felt right away, we felt it by the behavior of the leaders in the regional party committee, by the interrogations in the prosecutor's office, the KGB ... The chief prosecutor of the investigation Lev Nikitich Ivanov, who led the criminal case, said to me. "Do not torment yourself and do not blame yourself, if you were with the guys, you would not help them. you would be the tenth ... " I did not have the slightest doubt that this man didn't try to find out what had happened to my friends, his investigation was formal and biased.


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Mannerheim Line
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Villisca Axe Murders House
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Cave of Swimmers


Dyatlov Pass Incident has been part of the Soviet folklore for decades. At the end of the Soviet period and after the collapse of the Soviet Union it emerged on the pages of all Soviet and later Russian newspapers. Newly acquired freedom of speech allowed people to speak whatever they thought and discuss whatever they felt like discussing. Unfortunately, with the demise of the Soviet censure, professional censure also left the building. Investigative journalism virtually disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by a low grade journalism that surrounded the Dyatlov Pass Incident with myths and lies. Fake articles went beyond creating "alternative" truths. They often added information that had no ground or proof. Many parts of the diary were twisted and reinvented. Even Wikipedia is still haunted by the remnants of these fake information. As we examine our main theories we will point out some of the misconceptions and lies that surround this case.


Soviet troops theory in Dyatlov Pass Incident

Western spies theory in Dyatlov Pass Incident

Criminals/ Former inmates theory in Dyatlov Pass Incident

Mansi, Knanty natives in Dyatlov Pass Incident

Avalanche in Dyatlov Pass Incident

Secret launches/ UFO in Dyatlov Pass Incident

Yeti, snowman, sasquatch and etc. in Dyatlov Pass Incident

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