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Aleksandr Kolevatov Autopsy






SummaryAleksandr Kolevatov Autopsy


Body of Aleksandr Kolevatov was well insulated, but he was missing a hat and shoes. His upper torso was protected by a sleeveless shirt, long sleeved shirt, sweater, fleece sweater and ski jacket with a zipper and buttons. Ski jacket was damaged. A big hole on the left sleeve had burnt edges and measured 25cm * 12cm *13 cm. His right sleeve was also damaged. Several tears 7- 8 cm were found. The jacket was unbuttoned and unzipped. A strange finding for person who was supposedly dying from coldness and hypothermia. During autopsy following objects were retrieved from his pockets: key, safety pin, some blank paper (probably to keep a record of his thoughts or events) and two packages of pills (soda and codeine).


The lower part of the body had shorts, light pants, ski pants and another pair of canvas pants. From the right pocket doctors retrieved a box of matches that was soaked wet. His feet as it was mentioned had no shoes, but they were protected by home knitted woolen socks with sights of fire damage. His right foot was also protected by a light sock underneath a woolen one. His left foot had similar three socks. Additionally a bandage was discovered on the left ankle, but it was probably put before the Dyatlov Pass Incident since the group left their first aid kit in the tent.


- lack of soft tissues around eyes, eyebrows are missing, skull bones are exposed Aleksandr Kolevatov Autopsy(1)

- broken nose (2)

- open wound behind ear, size 3*1.5cm (3)

- deformed neck (4)

-diffuse bleeding in the underlying tissues of the left knee (5)

-softened and whitened skin (maceration) of the fingers and feet, sign consisted with consistent exposure to wetness by live skin

- overall skin cover had a gray green color with a tinge of purple


This autopsy had similar strange silence about the injuries of the victim. Broken nose, open wound behind ear and deformed might be the result of a fight and be cause of death. On the other hand it could have been caused by natural elements since the body was exposed to nature for three whole months. Yet the doctor ignores this matter and doesn't try to explain the reason for these strange injuries. We should probably add that snapped neck and blow behind the ear is a common sign of killing performed by special forces. However we can't be sure about this since the autopsy report didn't specify any more details about the body. We are left guessing on the nature and origin of these injuries.


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Aleksandr Kolevatov and Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle






Kolevatov Official Autopsy Report

Sheet 345

mountains. Ivdel


forensic examination of the corpse.

May 9, 1959. According to the decision the prosecutor criminologist Sverdlovsk regional prosecutor's office on May 7, 1959 forensic scientist region. Bureau of forensics for the Sverdlovsk Region Renaissance, in the presence of the prosecutor criminologist Sverdlovsk regional prosecutor's office ml. Counselor of Justice LN Ivanova, expert criminalist Churkina GA, indoors infirmary morgue n / I 240, in daylight investigated the corpse c. Kolevatova Alexander, 24 years, to determine the cause of death.

Circumstances of the case:

23.I.59, a group of tourists consisting of 9 members went to ski tour route Ivdel - Mount Otorten.
I.II.59, the group began to climb and in the evening stood at the height of "1079".
On the night of February 2 this year All trip participants died.

A. External examination:

On the dissecting table lay the corpse of a male right physique, clothes: ski jacket made of black fustian on a zip, unbuttoned, the left and right chest pockets and cuffs undone, buttons intact. The left sleeve of the jacket on the upper side has a tissue defects in the area of ​​25 x 12 x 13 cm., The edges of the tissue in the designated area of ​​deification. On his right elbow jacket has minor tears tissue 7-8 cm in length. Above brown jacket with fleece knit svitr, then underneath the second svitr gray, worn, cotton cowboy shirt in blue, red and black check pattern, with two breast pockets. On the right pocket of safety pin, it was flat on the key lock gate and cowboy cuffs undone. In the left pocket a piece of wrapping paper, wrap the package "Codeine with soda."
Underwear shirt with fleece, pale gray, worn. Canvas trousers - overalls khaki straps with elastic. In the right pocket of his trousers Soaked box of matches at the bottom of trousers on metal buckles with anguish, beneath a blue ski pants bikes with side buckles, pocket their handkerchief. The feet woolen socks dirty, white, home-knitted with portions of the calcined, brown cotton socks. On the left leg wearing three brown cotton socks under them on the ankle gauze bandage. Pants pale gray paired with a shirt, dark blue satin panties.
corpse length 174 cm. right body, a satisfactory supply.
Cadaverous bagrovolilovogo spot colors are located abundantly on the back right side surface of the trunk and extremities. Rigor mortis was resolved in muscle groups joints. Skin of face, trunk zelenovatoserogo color with a purple hue.

Sheet 346 (not indicated on the paper - approx ed.).

- 2 -

On the head temnorusye hair up to 10 cm.
In temennozatylochnoy area of ​​land with a lack of hair (hair slide rigor).
The forehead is low, straight. The eyebrows are absent. In the area of ​​the eye sockets and brow absence of soft tissues exposing the facial bones, soft tissue around the edge of the outcrop flabby bones, flattened, slightly raised. Eyeballs wrinkled, sunken into the cavity of the eye sockets. Bridge of nose straight, nose cartilage, soft to the touch, unusual mobility. The base of the nose flattened. The nasal openings are compressed.
In the area of ​​the right cheek soft tissue defect in the area 4 x 5.5 cm. Oval wrong with podmyatymi smooth, thinning margins. The bottom soft tissue defects are the bones of the lower jaw. Mouth wide open, straight teeth, white. Language in the oral cavity. The soft tissues of the face thinned flabby, dirty-gray color. For the right auricle, in the mastoid wound indefinite shape measuring 3 x 1.5 x 0.5 cm., Penetrating to the mastoid process. Around the defect located on the right cheek and the lower jaw, the soft tissue bagrovozelevatogo color.
The neck is long, thin, deformed in the area of ​​the thyroid cartilage. The rib cage is rectangular in shape, the skin of the chest with the slipping of the surface layer of the epidermis.
In the field of bone fingers' skin bath "blednoserovatogo color. His fingers half-bent brushes.
The stomach is located at chest level. The right thigh is given to the left. In the area of ​​the outer surface of the right thigh section of soft tissue depressions 25 x 15 cm. Without bleeding into the underlying soft tissue.
External genitalia are formed correctly, without features. The opening of the anus clean.
In the stop "bath skin" blednoserovatogo color. Limb bones are safe to the touch. In the left knee joint, on the inner surface of diffuse hemorrhage in the underlying tissues.

B. The internal survey.



Skin patches of the scalp with the inner surface of the wet, blednokrasnovatogo color. The bones of the skull base and vault intact. The dura mater cyanosis, a satisfactory blood supply. Pia thin, hazy. Brains and brain sulcus poorly distinguishable. The gray matter of the brain poorly distinguishable from white. The contours of the ventricles of the brain are indistinguishable. The substance of the brain is a jelly-like consistency of the base of the brain vessels without features. Subcutaneous fat body developed satisfactorily. The position of internal organs proper.

Sheet 347 (not inscribed paper)

The pleural cavities contained up to 500 cm3 of bloody fluid. The pericardium contained up to 13 cm 3 of an amber-colored liquid.
Heart with surface slightly charged to fat. heart Size 13 x 12 x 5 cm. The heart muscle in the dark red color of the cut. The thickness of the left ventricular muscle 1.5 cm, right -.. 0.5 cm on the right and left half of the heart contained up to 100 cm 3 of liquid of dark blood.. The valves of the heart, the aorta and the pulmonary artery slightly thickened on the closing line. Coronary heart freely passable. The inner surface of the aortic smooth and clean. The width of the arch of the aorta valves 7 cm.
Light from the surface sinyushnokrasnovatogo colored fluffy to the touch. In the context of the fabric of their dark red color. When pressed with the cut surface of a large amount of frothy bloody fluid.
The lumen of the larynx and bronchi free. The hyoid bone is intact. Neck muscles and intervertebral cervical spine are minor soft tissue remnants zelenovatoserogo color (putrid changes).
The stomach contained up to 100 see 3 slimy mass of pale red color. The mucous membrane of the stomach swollen sinyushnokrasnogo color, loose, with a well defined folding. Pancreas on melkodolchataya sectional zheltovatosinyushnogo color.
Liver surface dull, smooth, liver size of 23 x 15 x 12 x 7 cm .. In the context of liver tissue burokorichnevogo color with a bad liver discernible pattern. The gallbladder contained up to 5 see 3 brown liquid. Mucous burovatozelenogo its color. In the lumen of the small intestine contained a slimy mass blednokrasnovatogo with a yellowish tinge. In the lumen of the colon fecal burozelenovatogo color. The mucous membrane of the intestine sinyushnokrasnovatogo color. Spleen loose to the touch. In the context of the fabric of her temnovishnevogo color. The pulp from the cut surface provides a small scrape. spleen size 9 x 7 x 2.5 cm. The buds from the surface smooth, brilliant, capsule kidney removed easily. In the context of kidney tissue temnokrasnovatogo color. Cortical and medullary layer distinguishable well. The layers of the adrenal glands to distinguish bad. The bladder contained up to 700 see 3 turbid yellowish liquid. The mucous membrane of the urinary bladder cyanosis.

The medical examiner - the signature (revived)
Prosecutor criminologist - signature (Ivanov)
The expert criminologist - (Churkin)
in Sverdlovsk

Sheet 348

- 4 -


Based on the research of a corpse Kolevatova I believe that his death was caused by exposure to low temperature.
Discovered Body Kolevatova injuries in the head - soft tissue defects, as well as the "bath" skin are postmortem changes of the corpse that was in the last time before it is detected in the water.
Death Kolevatova violent.

The medical examiner - the signature (revived)





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