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Alexander Kolevatov (Александр Колеватов)




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  • Alexander or Sasha (short nick name) Kolevatov was born on November 16th, 1934. 25 years old. Not married.

  • Alexander or Sasha was born in 1934. He was a 4th year student at a Physics Major in UPI University. Priory to moving to Sverdlovsk he finished Sverdlovsk Mining and Metallurgy College majoring in metallurgy of heavy nonferrous metals.

  • Alexander Kolevatov distinguished himself as a good student and moved to Moscow in August of 1953 to work in secret institute of the Ministry of Medium Machine Building that was called merely by its serial number of I 3394. This institute was involved in a research in the field of materials used in the nuclear industry. Later he moved to Research Institute of Inorganic Materials that was engaged in producing materials for the growing nuclear industry. While working there he enrolled in the All- Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute and completed one year of school. For his second year in September of 1956 he moved back to Sverdlovsk and joined UPI. His friends described him as diligent, pedantic, methodical with clear leadership qualities.

  • Alexander Kolevatov was an experienced tourist who went on the long range hikes in the Polar region of the Ural mountains.

  • Many witnesses claim that Kolevatov always kept a separate personal diary to all his hikes. His diary was never discovered.

  • Body of Alexander Kolevatov was found on May 4, 1959 at the bottom of the ravine along with bodies of Dubinina, Zolotarev and Thibault- Brignoles about 75 meters south- west of the cedar. He was buried by a snow layer 4- 4.5 meters thick. He was part of the group known as the "last four".

  • Cause of death- hypothermia. Internal and external damage to the body were not significant.

  • He was buried on the Michaylovsky (Saint Michael) Cemetery







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