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George (Yuri) Krivonischenko Autopsy





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George (Yuri) Krivonischenko AutopsyHis body was the second discovered underneath the cedar at the Dyatlov Pass. He was dressed in a shirt, long sleeved shirt, swimming pants, pants and torn sock on his left leg. He had no footwear.


- bruises on the forehead 0.3*1.8cm and a bruise around left temporal bone (1)

- diffuse bleeding in the right temporal and occipital region due to damage to temporalis muscle (2)

- tip of the nose is missing (4)

- frostbitten ears (5)

- bruises on the right side of the chest 7*2cm and 2*1.2cm (13)

- bruises on both hands (6-11)

- detachment of the epidermis on the back of his left hand at width of 2cm (14)

- portion of the epidermis from the right hand is found in the mouth of the deceased

- bruises on the thighs (16-19) with minor scratches

- bruise on his left buttock 10*3cm (15)

- abrasions on the outer side of the left arm size 6*2cm and 4*5 cm (7-8)

- bruises on the left leg 2*1, 2*1.5 and 3*1.3 cm (19-21)

- burn on the left leg 10*4 cm (22)


The amount of urine in the bladder was 500 grams. Cause of death: hypothermia. He froze to death. The presence of skin between his teeth that was torn from his hands might suggest that Krivonischenko tried to stay on the cedar as long as he could. Some theories speculate it was a result of his dedication to cut as many tree branches as he could. Others claim something on the ground kept him on a tree.


The first two bodies of (Doroshenko and Krivonischenko) that were found from the Dyatlov Pass Incident showed an expected pattern of death. They froze to death. Their clothes were removed by their friends. It might sound bad, but this is the reality of Siberia. If you can't keep yourself warm, you will die quickly. One of the most common myths that surround these deaths is a theory of so- called "paradoxical undressing". This theory ignores the fact that the bodies were undressed after they died and it was done by other members with a help of a knife in some cases. Different articles of clothing were simply cut from the dead bodies or taken off and used by other members of a group. These tourists clearly showed logical will to live. There was no state of panic and there was no illogical actions. Bodies were carefully and respectfully laid side by side and their possessions were divided among the survivors.


Yuri Krivonischenko








George or Yury Krivonischenko Official Autopsy Report

Sheet 112
ACT number 3

Forensic medical examination of corpses CITIZEN
KRIVONISCHENKO George Alekseevich, 23 years old

March 4, 1959 according to the decision of the prosecutor's office of the Sverdlovsk region of the 3rd March 1959 the forensic experts of the Regional Bureau of Forensic Sverdlovsk Oblast Renaissance VA medical examination and Laptev Yu in the presence of the public prosecutor of Sverdlovsk Region State Counselor of Justice Class III Vee-NI, the prosecutor criminologist regional prosecutor's office junior counselor of justice Ivanova LN witnesses and comrade. Comrade. PROUD SD and NASKICHEVAK.V. indoor central morgue n / box number N240 hospital management in daylight and sunny weather made a citizen cadaver study KRIVONISCHENKO GA 23 years dlyaopredeleniya cause of death and the responses to the questions listed in the decree.


January 23, 1959 amateur group of tourists of 10 people went to ski like the routes of Ivdel - Mountain Otorten. From phase 2 nd North went 9 people in the ski trip. 1 February 1959 the group began to climb the mountain and in the evening Otorten pitched tents at the height of 1079.
On the night of 2 of February under mysterious circumstances has occurred the death of 9 persons.



Sheet 113

- 2 -

and / external examination

On the dissecting table is a man's body; corpse pose: head assigned to the left, right arm bent vloktevom joint and assigned to the top, right hand fingers touch the head, left arm bent at the elbow, and brought to the shoulder, wrist bent, and the hand fingers touch the chest. Straighten right leg, left leg slightly reserved in the hip joint and bend at the knee.
Clothes on the body: cotton cowboy shirt, blue in red ink on the cell 3 buttons / dvepugovitsy undone /, cuffs fastened with two buttons, a pocket in the outer coil of copper wire ishelkovaya pink ribbon. To the left on the inside surface of the pocket is sewn from white matter. Under kovboykoyhlopchatobumazhnaya breeches white shirt, white pants from the material "Grizbon". The left lower half missing pants to the knee level, edge of the fabric pants in areas with uneven obryvakalson tissue charring under pants blue satin trunks on 2 ??? Kach. On the left nogehlopchatobumazhny sock torn edges of his charred.
The corpse of a man in length 169 cm., The right physique, good food, well razvitymimyshechnymi groups of the trunk and extremities. Cadaverous bagrovolilovogo spot colors, located nazadney surface of the trunk of the neck and limbs. Rigor mortis was resolved in muscle gruppahsustavov. On the head temnorusye curly hair up to 10 cm. Cut under poluboks. Forehead vysokiypokaty posteriorly. Eyebrows dark brown, thick, skin face bluish-gray color. On average

Sheet 114

- 3 - (corrected by hand - approx ed.).

her portion of the forehead osadneniya round shape the size of 0.3 by 0.3 cm. of brown-red color pergamentnoyplotnosti. In the left temporal region two abrasions brown-red color of parchment density razmerom1,2 on? 3 cm and 1 cm. By 0.2 cm. The eyes slightly open, right eye gap larger than the left, in the right eye and rogovitsylevogo Lyarshe spots. Corneal cloudy, Iris gray-green color, dilated pupils, pale mucous century gray. Bridge of nose straight. . In the middle third of the nose graze the brown-red color, parchment density passing in the wound in the area of ​​the tip of the nose and wings of defective soft tkaneyrazmerom 1.8 x 2 cm, the bottom of the wound are the cartilage of the nasal septum, with the right-nostril; on the bottom (the first part of the word is not quite legible - approx ed.). lip and chin hair length 0.5cm pepelnogotsveta..
The mucous membrane of the lips dark cinnamon-colored parchment density, closed mouth, lips swollen. For the lower epidermis zubamiloskut pale gray with papillary lines of the flap size 1.8 to 0.6 cm. The teeth are straight sbeloy enamel, opening the mouth and nose are clean, bruises on his cheeks dark brown leather osadnenie pergamentnoyplotnosti and this same color. Auricles swollen bluish-red, neck bezosobennostey, thorax cylindrical shape; external genitalia are formed correctly, the opening of the anus clean, the skin of the chest, neck and limbs to luchezapyastnyhsustavov krasnovatolilovogo color with marked venous pattern on the extremities. On the right side of the chest at armpit abrasion pale krasnogotsveta size of 7 by 2 cm, without bleeding into the underlying tissues.


Sheet 115

- 4 - (corrected by hand - approx ed.).

At the edge of the rib on the right hypochondrium middle clavicular line abrasions pale red tsvetapergamentnoy density measuring 2 x 1.2 cm. 1 x 1.2 cm, without bleeding into the underlying tissues. Rear right hand Patriotic. In the metacarpal-phalangeal joints, soft tissue belesovatoserogo color fingers burolilovogo color terminal phalanx dry dark brown, on the rear of the small finger skin abrasions dark brown parchment density. Palm surface of the right hand bluish-red skin with Ranko with jagged edges dark brown color at the base of the thumb. Nasredney third phalanx (forwarded with the "average" - approx ed.). Epidermis finger defect in shape irazmeram coinciding with the detected in the oral cavity. The terminal phalanges of all fingers ?? sohshie dark brown. In the left wrist abrasions dark red color parchment density of 5 x 2.5 cm, the rear left hand swollen. Along the entire diameter of the rear-left kistiskalpirovannaya wound to exfoliate the epidermis dark brown parchment density of 8 x 2 cm., Left rear 2-5 fingers black with a wrinkled epidermis 5 finger ipodsohshimi terminal phalanges. On the palmar surface of the soft tissues of the terminal phalanges of the dried, dense. The middle phalanx of the fingers 4-5 cutaneous wound measuring 1.5 x 1 cm. And 1 x 0.5 cm. Korichnevogotsveta dark, dense to the touch from the charring. On the outer surface of the left buttock and left thigh - uchastkimyagkih tissue pink color and the color of parchment burokrasnogo density by sliding the epidermis in the area of ​​10 x 3 cm, 6 x 2 cm and 4 x 5 cm on the front, inner thigh ssadinytemnokorichnevogo.

Sheet 116

- 5 - (corrected by hand - approx ed.).

dark red color density measuring parchment? x 2 cm. x 1.5 cm 1 and smaller. On vnutrenneypoverhnosti the upper third of the left thigh three skin lesions ??? eynoy shape with smooth edges do0,3 depth cm. With acute angles measuring 1.5 to 04 cm. The left shin and ??? and swollen. On the entire outer surface of the leg burn on a plot size of 31 x 10 cm. Parchment density. In the lower third of the left ????? burochernogo color with charring of tissue and skin cover for bursting - ??? in the middle third iverhney thirds burn surface ???? red and light brown color. On zadnevnutrenneypoverhnosti left shin abrasions dark brown parchment density measuring 8 x 1.3 cm.? x 1.5 cm and 2 x 1 cm. The rear left foot burokorichnevogo color with patches of peeling of the epidermis 10 x 4cm. ??? second finger charred dark brown color fabric ????? dense to the touch. On peredneypoverhnosti right thigh and shin bruises dark brown parchment density of 5 x2 cm. 3 x 8 cm, 7 x 1 cm and 2 x? cm.



b / Internal research

Skin patches of the scalp with the inner surface of the juicy, brilliant, red, right ?? chnoy region and occipital region of diffuse bleeding from impregnating the right temporal muscle. The bones of the cranial vault base intact. The dura mater Xin ???? full-blooded, myagkayamozgovaya shell muddy, swollen, gyrus and sulcus of the brain are hard to distinguish. The substance of the brain is a jelly-like mass

Sheet 117
- 6 - (corrected by hand - approx ed.).
krasnovatozelenogo color. The gray matter of the brain poorly distinguishable from white. The contours of the lateral ventricles of the brain poorly distinguishable layers of the cerebellum distinguish good base of the brain vessels without osobennostey.Podkozhno-fatty tissue of the body is well developed, correct the position of the internal organs; pleural cavity free. The pericardium contained up to 20 cm3 turbid yellowish liquid, heart size of 12 x 10 x 5.5 cm, cardiac muscle dark red color in the section, the left ventricle muscle thickness 1.8 cm. Right 0.5 cm. In the right and left side of the heart It contained up to 200 cm3 liquid of dark blood, heart valves, aortic, pulmonary artery thin, smooth, brilliant. Coronary heart free, smooth, walkable. The inner surface of the aortic smooth and clean. Light from the surface purplish red testovatoy to touch on the cut of their cloth is dark red, the pressure-sensitive section spoverhnosti profusely dripping liquid dark blood and frothy bloody fluid, throat bronchi lumen is free, mucosa of the esophagus, trachea and bronchi bluish-reddish color. Thyroid zhelezana fleshy section, dark red color. Horns for 'lingual bone intact. The stomach contained sledyslizistoy mass burozheltovatogo colors gastric mucosa bluish to reddish horoshovyrazhennoy folding; on the surface of the stomach many small hemorrhages folds - pyatenVishnevskogo, swollen mucous membrane of the stomach; Pancreas on the cut melkodolchataya dark red. The liver with a smooth surface, brilliant. liver size 26 x 16 x 14 x 9 cm. in the section of liver tissue burovishnevogo color, full-blooded sharply with poor liver distinguishable pattern. The gallbladder contained 30sm3

Sheet 118

- 7- (corrected by hand - approx ed.).

xxxxxxxxx brown liquid color. The mucous membrane of the gall bladder velvety greenish color. Spleen size 9 x 6 x 3 cm section of spleen tissue is dark -. ??? Nevogo color, spleen feels flabby, wrinkled kapsulaee, pulp to the cut surface gives a great scraping. In the lumen of the small intestine weight soderzhalasslizistaya burozheltogo colors in the lumen of the colon fecal burokorichnevogo tsveta.Slizistaya bowel sinyushnokrasnovatogo color. Kidneys from the surface smooth, brilliant on the cut kidney tissue temnovishnevogo color, kidney layers are hardly distinguishable. right kidney size 10 x 6 x 3.5, left 10 x 5 x 3 cm. Cortical and brain ???? adrenal well distinguishable. The bladder contained up to 500 sm3mutnoy yellowish liquid. The mucous membrane of the urinary bladder cyanosis. To study the chemical isssledovaniya igistologicheskogo of said corpse is taken of the internal organs.


BUREAU forensic - signature / Renaissance /

North Ural - signature / Laptev /

PROSECUTOR the Sverdlovsk region
counselor of state

PROSECUTION ML. Counselor of Justice - the signature / Ivanov /

Concepts: - Signature / Gordo /
- Signature / NASKICHEV /



Sheet 119


Based on these studies the corpse of a citizen KRIVONISCHENKO George Alekseevich, 23 years iuchityvaya circumstances of the case believe that the death KRIVONISCHENKO was caused by frost / freezing / as evidenced by swelling of the meninges, the sharp polnokrovievnutrennih bodies overflow liquid dark blood cavities of the heart, the presence of Vishnevsky spots naslizistoy stomach, full bladder, limbs and fingers frostbite burns II - III degree / campfire /.
found (inscribed by hand, approx. Ed.) For external study of damage in the form osadneniya, abrasions and skin wounds can result from a fall or injury on the rocks, ice and more.
The above injuries were caused KRIVONISCHENKO both in life and in the agonal state posthumously.
These studies corpse KRIVONISCHENKO suggest that meal he had for 6-8 hours before death. The presence of alcohol is not detected in the investigation. Death is violent, accidental.

BUREAU forensic - signature / Rojdestvensky /

North Ural - signature / Laptev /







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