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Yuri or Georgiy Krivonischenko (Юрий Кривонищенко)




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  • Yuri or Georgiy Krivonischenko was born on February 7th, 1935. 24 years old. Not married

  • Yuri was born in Zuhres, Ukraine and until 1941 he lived in Donetsk Region of Eastern Ukraine. However after German invasion and breakout of the World War II his family was forced to move to Saratov and then again in 1941 he was evacuated beyond the Ural mountains along with the factory infrastructure.

  • He graduated from UPI University in 1959.

  • After graduation he started working on Plant number 817 (the "Mayak") along with Rustem Slobodin. While working in Chelyabinsk- 40 a secret nuclear facility he experienced a disaster that became known as Kushtumkoy Accident. On September 29, 1957 plutonium plant experienced radioactive leak. Yuri Or George Krivonishenko was among the people who was sent to clean it up. His body will wear clothes that have traces of radioactivity that some trace to this particular event. However being an engineer Yuri had more knowledge about radioactivity than most people at the time and it is highly unlikely that he kept any of the clothes that he was wearing two years prior to the trip. Another possible source of radioactivity might be contact of the spilled radioactive material around the plant.

  • He was a close friend of Igor Dyatlov and participated in all his camping trips. He is known under name Yuri that are simply Russian variation of the name George or Georgiy and should not be treated with suspicion.

  • Krivonishenko body was found by Slobtsov on 26 February 1959 along with Yuri Doroshenko under a cedar tree and about half kilometer from the abandoned tent. He was stripped to his underwear by the remaining members of the group. We make this conclusion, because his clothes were found in the ravine by the bodies of the last four members. Clothes were cut with a knife since his body was too stiff to move. This fact is the reason for a "paradoxical undressing" theory. In reality the remaining members of the Dyatlov Pass simply tried to save themselves by all means possible.

  • His body carried marks of burns. Presumable these burns were made by a fire found under the cedar that apparently burned for an hour or hour and a half. What forced the tourists to abandon the fire is hard to explain. Theoretically they could have stayed by the fire until the sunrise when they could easily make it back to the tent.

  • Official conclusion on cause of death is hypothermia (freezing) and fatigue. He was buried in Yekaterinburg on the Ivanovo cemetery in March 1959 along with Zolotarev who was buried here two months later.







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