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Newspapers and reports

Dyatlov Pass Incident

Newspapers from the time period might shed some interesting light on the Dyatlov Pass incident. We will include some articles from the time period and general area.









Haunted, Mysterious and Weird
Fort du Portalet
Mannerheim Line
Fabergé's House
Fort Krasnaya Gorka
Fort Alexander (Plague Fort)
Death Valley
Lake Labyngkyr
North America
Chichen Itza
Eastern State Penitentiary
Saint Elmo Ghost Town
Ohio State Reformatory
Bara-Hack Ghost Town
Museo Leon Trotsky
Paricutin Volcano
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Plimoth Plantation
North Brother Island
Lake Champlain
Smallpox Hospital
America's Stonehenge
Pennhurst State Hospital & School
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Villisca Axe Murders House
Bulow Plantation
Garnet Ghost Town
Elkhorn Ghost Town
Rhyolite Ghost Town
Bodie Ghost Town

Cave of Swimmers


Cutting from "Tagil Worker" newspaper


[Nizhny Tagil is a town about 140 km North of Yekaterinburg aka Sverdlovsk]

Newspaper Tagil Worker (Nizhny Tagil), of February 18, 1959

UNUSUAL celestial phenomena

At 6 hours and 55 minutes of local time yesterday in the east-southeast direction of the sky at 20 degrees from the horizon glowing ball was seen with the apparent diameter of the Moon. The ball was moving toward in the northeast direction. About seven o'clock a flash inside that orbit was seen and a very bright core became visible inside the ball. The glow of the sphere itself became more intense and a luminous cloud appeared around it, bent in the direction of the south. Cloud spread on the entire eastern part of the sky. Shortly thereafter, there was a second flash, it looked like a crescent moon. The cloud gradually increased in size, in its center witnesses could see a point of light (glow was variable in magnitude). The ball moved in the direction northeast- east direction. The object reached a maximum height above the horizon at approximately 30 degrees at 7 o'clock 05 minutes. As a sphere continued its path this unusual celestial phenomenon weakened and eroded.
Thinking that it was somehow connected with the satellite, I turned on the receiver, but there was no signal reception.
Deputy Head of communication
Vysokogorsky mine







Another witness testimony. It probably describes the same event. But from a different source.


Message by citizen Piguzova

Sheet 227

17 III To Tempalovu by K.Piguzova. 17.03.59 (17 March) Mr.
16. III.59
To Chief of Ivdel police department 17. II. '59 6 hrs. 50 m. Local time, unusual phenomenon appeared in the sky. It appeared as a star with a tail. The tail was like a dense cirrus clouds. Then the star freed from the tail, got brighter and disappeared. It gradually began to swell, forming a large bowl, wrapped in mist. Then, center of this sphere lit up first forming a crescent, and then forming a small ball, not so bright. Large bowl gradually began to fade and became a blur. At 7 h. 05 m. Completely disappeared. Star moved from south to north-east.

Meteorological Technician Tokarev (signature)
Head of  Hydro meteorological  station Piguzova (signature)




Message from Avenburg

Sheet 260

To Prodanov and Wisniewski, 31/03/59 of 9.30 local time.
31.3 04 00 orderly Meshcheryakov noticed a large fire ring, which moved pass us for 20 minutes, and then disappeared behind a mountain 880 (nameless mountains are given name by the elevation above sea level, so mountain 880 is 880 meters above sea level) in  south-eastern direction.
Before it disappeared over the horizon, a star appeared at the center of the ring. This star gradually increased to a size of a moon and began to fall down separating from the ring.
An unusual phenomenon was observed the whole staff (of the search party) after the alarm was raised.
Please explain this phenomenon and its security threat, as in our circumstances it produced a disturbing impression.

Avenburg Potapov Sogrin




Witness report by Valentin Yakimenko

Dated: March 31, 1959

"It happened early in the morning while it was still dark. Viktor Mescheryakov who stood guard that night left the tent and saw a large glowing sphere in the sky. He woke up everyone. We watched this orb (or a disk) for about 20 minutes until it didn't disappear behind the mountain. We saw it in the South- East direction from our tent. It was moving in the Northern direction. This event freaked everyone. We were sure that this event was somehow involved in the death of the Dyatlov group".






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