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Rustem Slobodin Autopsy





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Rustem Slobodin bodyRustem Slobodin AutopsyRustem Slobodin wore a black sweater, long sleeve shirt (black and red square) with a passport, another shirt underneath, two pairs of pants with  four pairs of socks. Two insoles from boots. It was a common way to dry insoles using body heat. Unlike previous bodies he wore one boot (valenki) on his right leg. His watches (Zvezda) stopped at 8:45am. His pockets had 310 rubles and a passport. Additionally searchers discovered a knife, pen, pencil, comb and a match box with a single sock. Cadaverous blue- red spot are abundantly located on the back of the neck, trunk and limbs


- minor brownish red abrasions on the forehead, two scratches are 1.5 cm long at the distance of 0.3 cm between them (1)

- brownish red bruise on the upper eyelid of the right eye with hemorrhage into the underlying tissues (2)

- traces of blood discharge from the nose (3)

- swollen lips

- swelling and a lot of small abrasions of irregular shape on the right half of the face (4)

- abrasions on the left side of the face (5)

- epidermis is torn from the right forearm (6)

- bruises in the metatarsophalangeal joints on both hands. Similar bruises are common in hand to hand combat (7)

- brown cherry bruises on the medial aspect of the left arm and left palm (8)

- bruises on the left tibia in dimensions at 2.5* 1.5 cm (9)


Rustem Slobodin AutopsyAutopsy discovered a fracture of the frontal bone and hemorrhages (shaded areas) in the temporalis muscle on the skull of Rustem Slobodin. Boris Alekseevich Vozrojdenniy suggested that this could be done with some foreign blunt object. Medical autopsy further states that Slobodin probably suffered loss of coordination due to initial shock right after the blow that could speed up his death from hypothermia. However the conclusion is predictably careful.


Death of Rustem Slobodin was judged as a result of hypothermia. All bruises and scratches were blamed on last minutes of death agony.


Although it is still somewhat unclear how did he manage to harm his exterior hands and legs. When the person falls even in an irrational state it is usually the palms that suffer the most as well as medial aspects of the legs. Injury to the head are less common, especially bilateral ones.


Rustem Slobodin died on his back, yet there is no damage on the back of his head, just the sides. His injury pattern is different from the pattern we usually see in injuries suffered by a freezing man in the last minutes of his or her life. It looks as if Rustem fell repeatedly on his face without even trying to slow the fall with his hands as he was walking down the mountain. And every time he fell he managed to hit different sides of the his head. It is unusual to see in a man who was probably in a better physical shape than anyone in the group. Even a long ski trip could hardly be responsible for this alleged "clumsiness".





Official Investigation: "Discoveries made during the internal study of the left frontal bone fracture could be explained by  a fall of citizen Slobodina. Contusion of the head could come as a result of a hit against hard objects, what could be a stone, ice and more."


No alcohol discovered in blood.




The remaining four bodies were inspected on May 9th, 1959 below Dyatlov Pass. Their bodies were found several months after their deaths by a Mansi native Kurikov with his dog.



Rustem Slobodin


The rest of the bodies were found on May 9, 1959. Mansi hunter Kurikov with his dog searched the bed of the stream not far from the cedar. There he discovered the first pieces of clothing of tourists, and then the bodies of the last four members of the group.





Rustem Slobodin Official Autopsy Report

Act of autopsy of the corpse of Slobodina Rustem
95 Sheet
ACT number 5
Forensic medical examination of the corpse of the Citizen Slobodin Rustem Vladimirovich 23 years old

On March 8, 1959 according to the decision of the prosecutor's office of Sverdlovsk Region on March 7 1959 the forensic experts of the Regional Bureau of the Sverdlovsk Region forensics Vozrozhdenny B.A. in the presence of the public prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk region of the state counselor of justice Ivanov L.N. with witnesses present, Gordo S.D. and NASKICHEV K.V., in a morgue of the Central Hospital number H-240 in a daylight and sunny weather made the autopsy of the corpse of a citizen Slobodina R.V., to determine the cause of death and the respond to the questions listed in the decree.


Circumstances of the case:

On January 23, 1959 an amateur group of tourists of 10 people went to ski tour route from Ivdel to Mount Otorten. From a settlement of Vtoroy Severny 9 people went on a the ski trip. On 1st February 1959 the band began the ascent to the mountain Otorten and pitched their  tent at the elevation  of 1079. On the night of 2 of February death of 9 persons have occured under mysterious circumstances


Sheet 96
- 2 -
External examination:
On the table lies the corpse of a man in an unusual pose: a corpse's head tilted somewhat backwards, chin forward and up, right hand on the right shoulder joint is somewhat extended, bent at a right angle at the elbow, fingers clenched into a fist. The left arm is drawn back and the side, elbow joint is straight. He carries a hand watch "Star", that stopped at 8 hours and 45 minutes. The right leg in the hip joint is bent at an angle of 120 degrees and the knee joint is at the right angles. The left leg in the hip joint is bent at a right angle and the knee joint at an angle of 60 degrees. Both legs adjoin each other in the inner surface of the lower thigh and the lower third of the leg.

Corpse's clothing: a black cotton sweater, beneath it is a black cowboy shirt with red squares, fastened by 3 buttons and cuffs fastened each in the 2 buttons. Cowboy has left buttoned patch pocket on a safety pin. In his pocket following items were found: passport in the name of Rustem Slobodina Vladimirovich, money - 310 rubles, 4 bank notes x 50 rubles bank note and 10 rubles / red ink pen. Between sweater and cowboy on his chest, 2 insoles of the shoe were discovered [common way to warm the insole on a trip]. Under a cowboy shirt warm fleece sweatshirt was found, fastened with two buttons under another blue knit shirt with long sleeves. Ski pants, dark, fastened with a button and a strap. Items in pockets: a box of matches with 48 matches, a pocket knife on a long rope, comb in a case, two strings and a pencil, x / paper


Sheet 97
- 3 -
sock. Beneath blue satin sweat pants, in the back pocket letter from the trade union was found which was dated by January 20, 1959. Under sweatpants another pair of warm pants were found, light gray in color, fleece, buttoned / couple of shirts / Under pants blue satin underwear with an elastic band. Black valenki
[type of the traditional russian boot] on the right foot. Right foot is also covered by: X / paper socks, then gray vigonevye socks, x / first paper sock and then another brown sock. Left leg is missing a boot, socks are in the same order. Head is covered by dark brown curly hair, length is up to 8 cm. High forehead is sloping backwards. Skin on his face are bluish-reddish in color. Cadaverous bluish- reddish spots are abundantly located on the back of the neck and trunk and extremities. Rigor mortis was resolved completely in the muscle groups. In the area of ​​the forehead (in the middle) there are small abrasions dark- red in color, slightly depressed. Above them, two scratches were discovred, linear , under a dry brown crust that measures 1.5 cm in length. It is located parallel to the superciliary arcs at a distance of 0.3 cm from each other. Thick brown eyebrows. Eyes half-open. In the area of ​​the right upper eyelid dark- red abrasions were discovered measuring 1 x 0.5 cm. Marked hemorrhage in the soft tissues around abrasions and scratches were noted. The cornea is cloudy, grey- brownish iris color, the pupils are dilated. In the area of ​​the cornea Lyarshe spots [sign of death, dried out cloudy cornea] were noted. Bridge of nose is straight, the bridge of the nose is dark red in color. Dark red spot 1.5 x 1 cm is located at the tip of the nosecovered by a dry crust. The lips are swollen. The mouth is closed, at the openings of the nose traces of a dried blood. The borders of the lips are wrinkled, dark- red and dry. Teeth are smooth, white. Tongue is in the oral cavity behind the teeth. The mucous membrane of the mouth and gums are pale


Translated by Google Translate, we are working on completing the entire autopsy report. Bear with us


Sheet 98
- 4 -
cerned color.
The right half of the face a few swollen, her many small abrasions irregularly shaped parchment density under the dry crust, passing in part on the chin. On the left half of the face minor scratches of the same nature, among them one abrasion measuring 1.2 x 0.4 cm below the dry brown crust in the left zygomatic tuber. Auricles oval sinyushnokrasnovatogo color on the outer edge of the right auricle soft tissue burovishnevogo color touch dense parchment density of the same character soft tissue in the left auricle. The opening of the mouth and the ear passages clean. On the neck of small abrasions on the left dark red color, the chest of a cylindrical shape, the stomach is located at chest level. The skin of the trunk and upper extremities to the wrist joints and lower limbs [cyanotic?] Pink. Soft fabric rear and palmar surfaces of both hands burolilovogo color. In the metacarpal-phalangeal joints of the hands osadnenie protrusions of soft tissue in areas measuring 8 x 1.5 cm, covered with a dry crust with parchment density below the skin. On the left hand edge of the elbow portion osadneniya burovishnevogo parchment color density measuring 6 x 2 cm. Osadneniya with the transition to the side surface at the left hand finger. Palm surface brushes sinyushnolilovogo color. In the area of ​​the terminal phalanges of both hands wrinkled soft tissues are dense to the touch. The lower third of the right forearm on the back surface with two sections of the epidermis lack measuring 2.5 x 3 x 3.5 cm and 1.5 cm. Irregular edges blednokrasnogo color. The front internal surface of the upper limbs

Sheet 99
- 5 -
well defined vein pattern. External genitalia are formed correctly. The head of the penis lilovokrasnogo color, dense to the touch wrinkled. The opening of the anus clean. In the area of ​​the stop well defined vein pattern, soft cloth feet have the form "bathhouse" skin. soft tissue osadnenie dark red color 2.5 x 1.5 cm. and 4.5 x 1.5 cm on the outer surface of the lower third of the left tibia.
b / Domestic research
Skin patches of the scalp with the inner surface of the moist, juicy, brilliant. Accordingly lobnovisochnoy right area, the right and left temporal muscles spilled hemorrhage impregnation with soft tissue. From the front edge of the left temporal bone scales toward anteriorly and upward portion of the frontal bone is a bone fracture with the divergence of the edges up to 0.1 cm, the crack length up to 6 cm. The crack is located at a distance of 1.5 cm from the sagittal suture. In addition, there is a discrepancy in the joints temporo-parietal suture on the left as well as right / postmortem /. The dura mater cyanosis, poor blood supply to the vessels of it. Under the dura mater it contained up to 75 cm3, bloody fluid, pia cloudy, krasnozelenovatogo color. brain substance is a shapeless mass zelenovatokrasnogo color contours indistinguishable ventricles, and gray and white matter. In the upper left edge of the pyramid site hemorrhage under bone plate measuring 0.3 x 0.4 cm. The bones of the skull base intact.


Sheet 100
- 6 -
Subcutaneous fat body developed satisfactorily correct the position of the internal organs. The pleural cavities contained up to 1 liter of bloody fluid / exudate /. The pericardium contained 30 cm3 of bloody fluid. Heart 11 x 10 x 6 cm. Cardiac muscle dark red color in the section, the left ventricle muscle thickness of 1.5 cm. 0.5cm right. The left and right halves of the heart contained up to 100 cm3 dark liquid blood. The valves of the heart, the pulmonary artery aortic smooth, thin, dark red color unclear. Coronary heart freely passable. The inner surface of the aortic smooth and clean. Light surface color sinyushnokrasnogo testovatoy to touch on the cut lung tissue dark red color when pressed with the cut surface liberally dripping bloody foamy fluid and fluid dark blood. The lumen of the larynx and bronchi free. Esophageal tracheal bronchus lilovokrasnovatogo colors contained in the stomach mucous mass burozheltogo color in an amount of about 100 cm3. The mucous membrane of the stomach swollen, serovatokrasnogo color with well-defined folding. On the surface of mucosal folds melkotochechnye hemorrhage Vishnevsky spots. Horns pod''yazychnoy bones intact. The thyroid gland in the red section. Pancreas on lilovokrasnogo color section. The liver surface is smooth, shiny, liver size of 23 x 16 x 12 x 7 cm, on the section of liver tissue burovishnevogo color, full-blooded sharply, with poor hepatic discernible pattern. The gallbladder contained up to 30 (or 80 - approx compiler.) Cm3 brown fluid, mucous burozheltogo its velvety color. Spleen loose to the touch, the cut fabric of her temnovishnevogo colored pulp with a cut surface gives big scrape. Spleen size 7 x 11 x 3 cm.

Sheet 101
- 7 -
In the lumen of the small intestine contained a slimy mass gryaznozheltogo color. In the lumen of the colon poluoformlenny cal. The mucous membrane of the intestine sinyushnoserogo color. Kidneys from the surface smooth, brilliant, right kidney size 11 x 5 x 3 cm, left 10 x 5 x 3 cm. On the cut fabric kidney temnovishnevogo color, cortical and medullary layer of kidney discernible well. The layers of the adrenal glands to distinguish good. In the area of ​​the right adrenal hemorrhage in the medulla. The bladder contained up to 200 cm3 hazy pale yellow liquid. The mucous membrane of the urinary bladder cyanosis. For chemical and histological examination of the corpse is taken from the specified portion of the internal organs and part of the pyramid of the temporal bone.
In the study of internal organs presence of alcohol is not detected.

BUREAU forensic - / signature / / Rojdestestvenskiy /
PROSECUTOR the Sverdlovsk region
counselor of state
JUSTICE ??? - CLASS - / signature / / KLINOV /
PROSECUTION ML. Counselor of Justice - / signature / / Ivanov /
Concepts: - / signature / / Gordo /
- / Signature / / NASKICHEV /



Sheet 102
Based on these studies the corpse of a citizen Slobodina Rustem Vladimirovich, 23 years, given the circumstances of the case believe that the death Slobodina come from the action of low temperature / freezing / as evidenced by: swelling of the meninges, congestion of internal organs, spots Vishnevsky on the mucous membrane of the stomach, frostbite the fingers of the upper extremities of the third, fourth degree.
Discovered at an internal study of the left frontal bone fracture could occur in the fall Slobodina citizen or contusion of the head against hard objects, what could be a stone, ice and more. Said closed cranial trauma caused by a blunt instrument. At the time of occurrence, it certainly caused a state of momentary stun Slobodina and contributed to the rapid freezing Slobodina. The lack of explicit bleeding under the meninges gives reason to believe that death is Slobodina came as a result of frost.
The injuries found on the body of a citizen Slobodina, due to abrasions, scratches, osadneniya caused by a blunt instrument as a result of a fall or injury on the rocks, ice and more.
Damage had been caused during his lifetime, as well as in the agonal state posthumously.
These studies corpse Slobodina suggest that meal he had for 6-8 hours until death. Alcohol is not detected during internal investigations.
In view of the above injuries SLOBODIN in the early hours from the moment of their infliction could move and crawl.
Death Slobodina violent - an accident.

BUREAU forensic - signature / Renaissance /