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Rustem Slobodin (Рустем Слободин)




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  • Rustem Slobodin was born on January 11th, 1936. 23 years old. Not married.

  • He was born in 1936 and graduated from UPI University in 1959. He was a very athletic man, honest and descent, although quiet at times. He was a well experience climber and a camper that participated in many long distance hikes. Additionally he liked to run at the long distances. It might the reason why he was chosen to walk back to the tent as he was in a perfect physical condition. He liked to play mandolin that he often took during long hiking trips. His mandolin was found in the tent

  • After graduation Rustem worked as an engineer on Plant number 817 (also known as "Mayak"- "Lighthouse" in Russian). The plant is a closed regime facility that belonged to Chelyabinsk- 40. Among other things this closed plant worked with weapon grade plutonium. He came to work to this secret facility a year before George Krivonischenko.

  • His father was a professor at another Sverdlovsk University. Although Rustem was ethnically Russian his father gave him a traditional Tatar name following a popular fashion of international friendship among all men. Although some proposed that Slobodin's parents might have given their son to honor a long period when they lived in a Central Asia, where name Rustem is quiet common.

  • The body of Rustem Slobodin was found on March 4, 1959 on a line between a fire under a cedar and a tent. His body was found 150 meters from Kolmogorova body and 180 meters from Igor Dyatlov body. He walked 480 meters from the cedar and was second to collapse on the way to the tent. His corpse was discovered face down. Few abrasions suggest that he fought the elements to the least heart beat and died probably on his feet or shortly after falling.

  • Cause of death is ruled as hypothermia. However there have been damage to the cranial vault. The damage is mostly on the right side, which made many hypothesize that he was attacked by someone who had left hand as the dominant. More detailed information on the Rustem's autopsy can be found here

  • He was buried at the Michaylovsky (Saint Michael) Cemetery







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