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Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle Autopsy





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Summary of Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle autopsy


Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle was well protected against coldness of Siberian winter. It was suggested that him and Zolotarev might have been outside of the tent at the time mysterious threat struck them. This explain why both tourists wore shoes and were covered by several layers of clothes. Both men were much better prepared than the rest of the group when they were forced to abandon their tent.

Nikolay wore a canvas fur hat and home knitted woolen hat. Upper body was protected from coldness by shirt, wool sweater worn inside out and a fur jacket on a sheepskin. Woolen gloves were found in the right pocket along with three coins, comb and several pieces of paper. Lower part of the body was protected by underwear, sweat pants, cotton pants and ski pants. On his feet he wore hand- knitted woolen socks a a pair of valenki, Russian winter shoes perfect for Siberian coldness.

Additionally Nikolay Thibeaux Brignolle wore two watches on the left arm. One stopped at 8:14 and another at 8:39. Cadaveric spots were discovered on the back of the upper body, neck and upper extremities. Face hair length up to 1cm.


- multiple fractures to the temporal bone, with extensions to the frontal and sphenoid bones (1), the close up of the fractures to the skull is shown below

- bruise on the upper lip on the left side (2)

- hemorrhage on the lower forearm, size 10*12cm (3)


Vozrojdenniy, who undertook the autopsy, excluded accidental fall on the rock as a possible cause for such a massive and unusual fracture. Some theorized that the shape might be due to pressure applied during alleged avalanche that hit unsuspected tourists while they slept in the tent. If Nikolay slept on a camera this sudden increase in pressure could leave a mark on his head, however the shape of the lens is round and the damage would have a more round shape. Another reason why some specialists refused this theory is a massive hemorrhage that would make Thibeaux- Brignolle unable to move on his own and leave the site of the tent. There was no signs of dragging on the snow and foot prints suggest that everyone in the group moved on their own two feet.



Transcript of an official interrogation of medical doctor B.A. Vozrojdenny by L.N. Ivanov about injuries of Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle.

Question: "What could have caused injuries that Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle suffered?"

Answer: "He could have been thrown down from a height of a grown man. He might have slipped and fell. However veer deep fracture of the skull base suggests that his injuries are similar to a victim that was dropped with a great speed and strength from a quickly moving car."


Question: "Could we assume that he was hit by a rock that was held by another man?"

Answer: "In this case we would see damaged soft tissue and we don't see that on the body"







Nicolai Thibault-Brignoles Official Autopsy Report

Sheet 352

Gore. Ivdel

ACT number 8
Forensic examination of the corpse.

May 9, 1959. According to the decision the prosecutor criminologist Sverdlovsk regional prosecutor's office of the city medical examiner 7.U.59 regional forensics for the Sverdlovsk Region Restored Bureau, in the presence of the prosecutor-criminalist of the Sverdlovsk regional prosecutor's office ml. Counsellor of Justice LN Ivanova, an expert forensic Churkina GA, indoors infirmary morgue n / I 240, in daylight investigated the corpse c. Thibault-Brignoles Nikolai, 23 years, to determine the cause of death.

Circumstances of the case:

January 23, 1959 a group of tourists in the composition of 9 people left in the ski trip from the mountains. Ivdel - Mount Otorten. I.II.59 of tourists began to climb and in the evening stopped at the height of 1079.
I.II.59 night, all the trip participants died.

A. External examination:

On the dissecting table was a dead body in male clothing: wearing on his head and tied tightly knitted wool, green, sports cap with three holes round shape measuring 3 x 3 cm, located in front.. Canvas fur color khaki helmet with Velcro zipper, lace hat is tightened. Canvas green fur jacket with sheepskin, on a zip, two patch pockets. In the right pocket woolen, grayish gloves, metal coins in the left pocket 10 kopecks, 20 kopecks.. and 2 kopecks., two folded pieces of paper, comb. Wool worn suites, dressed to the left side. Blue worn knitted jersey that has the right and the bottom of damage breaks oval tissue measuring 2 x 3 seen from a left forearm, two hours: sports watch that show 8:00 14 minutes 24 seconds. Watch "Victory" show time chas.39 8 minutes. The feet dressed almost new gray boots. On the right foot toe white wool hand-knitted, on the left leg the same sock. Brown crumpled wool socks in boots and is accordingly footbed. On the corpse wearing warm woolen [winter] of trousers, buttoned cuffs which, a leather belt with a metal [tyazhe] Loy buckle. Under these pants wearing, cotton, blue sports pants and black satin pants. In the bag xxxxx top trouser button and found a white metal chain on the wall clock.
After removing the clothes found:. Corpse of a male body proper, satisfactory food, length 174 cm Cadaverous lilovozelenovatogo spot color is on the back-side surfaces of the chest, neck and limbs. Rigor mortis was resolved in muscle groups sustvov. Skin of face, trunk and limbs ?? rozelenovatogo color with slipping surface layer of the epidermis. At the head of black hair length up to 8 cm. The forehead is high, sloping backwards. Eyebrows black, thick. Eyes closed. Eyeballs far sunk into the eye socket. The cornea is cloudy, dry. Iris dark green, slimy century blednoserogo color. Bridge of nose straight. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx nasal bones are safe to the touch. In the area of ​​the upper jaw on the left defect

Sheet 353
- 2 -

soft tissue irregular oval shape measuring 3 x 4 cm. with thinned slightly podmyatymi edges, exposing the alveolar edge of the upper ??? STI.
Teeth are smooth, white. Mouth open. Lips blednoserogo color. Language in the oral cavity. The mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue gryaznovatozelenogo color. On the cheeks, chin and upper lip black hair up to 1 cm. The openings of the mouth, nose and ear passages clean. The neck is long, thin. The rib cage is cylindrical in shape. The stomach is located below the chest level. Dorsum of the hand and fingers blednokorichnevogo color, parchment density, half-bent fingers. In the areas of fingers "bathhouse skin" color blednoserovatogo rejection of nail plates. In the area of ​​the right shoulder in the anterior-internal surface - spilled a bruise the size of 10x12 cm zelenovatosinego color at the middle and lower thirds. In the area of ​​the bruise to be bleeding in the soft tissue. External genital organs without features. The opening of the anus clean. In the toes "bath skin" blednoserogo color.

B. The internal survey.


Skin patches of the scalp with the inner surface ???? e, juicy, dull. In the right temple area marked diffuse hemorrhage in the right temporal muscle with diffuse impregnation. ???? Ie excision of the right temporal muscle is determined by the depressed fracture of the right visochnotemennoy area on a plot measuring 9 x 7 cm defective bone and temporal bone measuring 3 x 3.5 x 2 cm. This area of ​​bone is pushed into the cranial cavity and is located on the dura mater. After removing the brain substance in the middle cranial pit discovered multisplintered fracture of the right temporal bone and the transition to a discrepancy of bone fracture in the anterior cranial fossa on ??? th supraorbital region of the frontal bone, the second crack runs along ????? days sella surface area wedge otsrostka, venturing into the thick of the underlying bone, then moves to the middle cranial ??? on the left, with the divergence of the edges of the bones from 0.1 - 0.4 cm.
The dura mater respectively fracture site ???? okrovna sharply with congestion of the brain substance of the right hemisphere of the brain, ??? oro? It has a more zelenovatobagrovym staining. Brains and ??? hells of the brain to distinguish bad. The gray matter of the brain poorly distinguishable from white. ???? Urs ventricles are not distinguishable. The brain is a jelly-like mass gryaznokrasnogo color. Overall length of the crack in the ??? to the base of the skull is equal to 17 cm. In addition, there is asymmetry ???? Thu compression fracture of the area.
Subcutaneous fatty tissue of the body is developed satisfactorily. ??? APPENDIX internal organs proper. Pleural cavity free. The pericardium contained up to 10 cm3 reddish muddy liquid. Heart size 13h12h 5.5 cm. From the surface lightly oblo- ??? fat. Cardiac muscle on a cut dark red color, dryablovata touch. The thickness of the left ventricular muscle 1.8, right -. 0.6 cm on the right and the left half of the heart contain a liquid dark blood vvide ??? s "dry heart." The valves of the heart, aorta and pulmonary artery smooth, ??? tyaschi slightly thickened. Coronary heart free, passable. ??? Rennyaya surface aortic smooth and clean. The width of the arch of the aorta above the valve stem ??? E 8.5 cm. The light from the surface sinyushnokrasnogo ( "cyanotic" imposed on top of other text?) Color, fluffy ??? schup. In the section of lung tissue dark red color. When pressed with the cut surface liberally allocated foamy liquid. Clearance ???? Ani and bronchi free.

Sheet 354
- 3 -

The hyoid bone is intact. The mucous membrane of the esophagus, trachea bronchi bluish-red color. The ventricle contained up to 100 cm3 slimy mass krasnovatozheltogo color. The mucous membrane of the stomach sinyushnokrasnogo color, with well-defined folding. Pancreas on melkodolchataya sectional sinyushnokrasnogo color. The liver surface is smooth, shiny, on the cut fabric of her burozelenovatogo color with yellow tint .. Liver pattern discernible bad. The gallbladder contained traces of brown liquid. The mucous membrane of the gall bladder velvety brown. liver size 24 x 16 x 14 x 8 cm. The spleen is loose to the touch, her wrinkled capsule, spleen size 9 x 5 x 3 cm. In the context of the spleen tissue dark red color, gives a thick slurry scraping.
In the lumen of the small intestine contained a slimy mass of yellowish color with a brown tinge. In the lumen of the colon poluoformlennaya stool. The mucous membrane of the intestine sinyushnokrasnovatogo color. Kidneys from the surface smooth, brilliant, capsule kidney removed easily (? "? EHKO"), on the cut fabric kidney dark red color, cortex and medulla of the kidneys distinguishable. Right kidney size 9 x 6 x 6 cm, left -. 10 x 6 x 3 cm cortical and medullary layer nadpochenikov discernible bad. The bladder is empty. Mucous his cyanotic.

For chemical and histological examination of the internal organs are taken, a part of the temporo-parietal right.

The medical examiner - the signature (revived)

Prosecutor criminologist - signature (Ivanov)
Ml. Counselor of Justice

Forensic Expert (Churkin)


Based on the research of a corpse c. Thibault-Brignoles NV I believe that his death was the result of a closed comminuted? pressure change in the region of the roof and base of the skull, with profuse bleeding under the meninges and the brain substance in the presence of the low temperatures. The above extensive multisplintered bone fracture roof and base of the skull and intravital origin is the result of the impact of a large force to the subsequent fall, cast and injury Thibault-Brignoles.
Injuries of soft tissues of the head region and the "skin bath 'limbs are postmortem changes cadaver Thibault Brignole, who was in the last time before finding water.
Death Thibault-violent Brignoles.

The medical examiner - the signature (revived)






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