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Nicolai Thibeaux-Brignolle (Николай Тибо-Бриньоль)




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  • Nicolai or Nikolai Thibeaux- Brignolle was born on June 5th, 1935. 24 years old. Not married

  • Nikolai or Nicholas or simply Kolya was born in 1934. He graduated in 1958 with major in Civil Engineering from UPI University. He began working as civil engineer and a foreman.

  • From his personal file: "Thoughtful and shows initiative. Disciplined, assiduous."

  • Nikolai Thibeaux- Brignolle was a son of a French Communist who was executed during Stalin years. He himself was born in concentration camp for political prisoners.

  • His friends liked Nikolai Thibeaux- Brignolle for his energy, good sense of humor and generally friendly open character. All people who knew him and went on camping trips with him, an incredible sense of care about all members of the group. He often helped younger or weaker members of the group to carry their things. He fixed their bags to reduce the pain and make more comfortable. Yuri Yudin (only survivor of the group who cut his trip short) mentioned that Nicolai helped him in his first serious trips into Siberian forest. Nicolai promised his mother that this would be his last hiking trip.

  • His body was discovered 75 meters South- west of cedar in the ravine

  • Cause of death- compound fracture of the skull bones and concomitant copious bleeding.

  • He was buried on the Michaylovsky (Saint Michael) Cemetery







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