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Ludmila Dubinina Autopsy





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Semen Zolotarev AutopsyBody of Semen Zolotarev was found at the Dyatlov Pass with two hats, scarf, short, long sleeve shirt, black sweater and a coat with two upper buttons unbuttoned. It was fairly clear that the guy didn't die from the coldness. On the contrary the den was pretty warm place for him. His lower part of the body was protected by underwear, two pairs of pants and a pair of skiing pants. He had a copy of newspapers, several coins, compass, and other few items. His legs were protected by a pair of socks and a pair of warm leather hand made shoes known as "burka". They probably couldn't keep him warm for a long time, but in the den it was sufficient in keeping the man alive. Additionally the body of Zolotarev had a camera around his neck as it it clearly seen on the pictures. We should add that this camera became a complete surprise to Yury Yudin. He assumed the group had only four cameras that were found in the tent. And all of the sudden a fifth camera turned out on the body. Unfortunately melting water damaged the film. But the question still lingers. Why did Zolotarev left the tent with the camera and why did he take two cameras to the trip? One was used on daily basis and everyone saw it. It was left in the tent and discovered there by the search party, but another was hidden throughout a journey and was found only after Semen Zolotarev have died.


- eye balls are missing (1)

- missing soft tissues around left eye brow, size 7*6 cm, bone is exposed (2)

- flair chest, broken 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ribs on the right side, two fracture lines

- open wound on the right side with exposed bone, 8*6 cm in size




Both Zolotarev and Dubinina have an interesting pattern of injuries. They are very similar in direction and force despite difference in shape, height and body composition of the two. This would suggest that whatever caused these injuries was not a single uniform event.






Semen Zolotarev Official Autopsy Report


Sheet 349

mountains. Ivdel

ACT number 2

forensic examination of the corpse.

May 9, 1959 According to the decision the prosecutor criminologist Sverdlovsk regional prosecutor's office on May 7, 1959 oblbyuro forensics for the Sverdlovsk Region Renaissance, in the presence of the prosecutor-criminalist of the Sverdlovsk regional prosecutor's office ml. Counsellor of Justice LN Ivanova, an expert forensic Churkina GA, indoors infirmary morgue n / I number 240, in daylight investigated the corpse gr.Zolotareva Alexander, 37 years, to determine the cause of death.

Circumstances of the case:

January 23 a group of tourists in the composition of the 9 participants went to ski tour route Ivdel - Mount Otorten. I.II.59, the group began to climb and in the evening stood at the height of 1079. On the night of February 2, all participants of the march were killed.

A. External examination:

On the dissecting table lay the corpse of a male clothing: cap on his head wearing ear flaps, black, trimmed with black fur, sporting woolen knitted cap in red, with three light stripes. Wool scarf in a cage of brown and blue with unbuttoned pin, scarf Ponos. Travel tales mask and green tarpaulin with elastic bands. Fur vest on a black sheepskin, Ponos much. Brown sports flannelette jacket buttoned. The left breast pocket without buttons. They are three buttons in the top two gates undone. The sleeve on the left arm fastened to one button, while the right unbuttoned. Black cotton svitr slightly Ponos. Sport cotton with blue-sleeved T shirt, cotton knitted cherry-colored shirt. Canvas khaki pants overalls with two patch pockets. In the right pocket of the bulb and coins in three, five and fifteen cents. Black quilted cloaks, they brown woolen socks, and on the right foot and a sock on the left two darned sock, a wool, the other cotton. In the inner breast pocket of the overalls were a comb and a ball of yarn. In the back pocket of the overalls rolled up newspaper. Under the coverall torn flannel blue ski pants with buttons, three buttons on the belt is not fastened down buttons on the cuffs buttoned. Inside his pockets empty, underneath the second pants are the same, but on the gums. In the pocket of the pants pieces of paper and five coins, two to 15 kopecks, two for 2 kopecks.. and 10 kopecks. Grey cotton trunks dressed to the left side over the blue satin panties. On the left hand wearing a compass.
After removing the clothes found:. Corpse of a male, a satisfactory supply of correct body length 172 cm Cadaverous lilovoserogo spot color, richly arranged on the back of the neck, trunk and extremities, and on the side of the rib cage on the right. Rigor mortis was resolved in muscle groups joints. The fronto-parietal region of balding site.

Sheet 350

- 2 -

Available scalp to the touch slides, remnants of hair black color up to 10 cm in the right parietal region -. Soft tissue defect of irregular shape with a thinned size of 8 x 6 cm, slightly podmyatymi edges, exposing the parietal bone.. Skin Face zelenovatoserogo color. The forehead is low, sloping backwards. The eyebrows are absent. In the brow and eye sockets soft tissue defect rounded shape at the site 7 x 6 cm. With thinned edges, exposing the facial bones. Hollow gape. The eyeballs are absent. Bridge of nose straight. The bones and cartilage of the nose to the touch intact. The nose is flattened at the bottom. nose holes are compressed. On the upper lip on the right-preserved remains of a brown mustache, lips blednoserogo color. Teeth are smooth, white. On the right side of the upper jaw tooth and two crowns of white metal, four crowns of white metal on the lower jaw. Mouth wide open. The mucous membrane of the mouth zelenovatoserogo color (putrid changes). The openings of the mouth and the ear passages clean. The neck is long, thin. The rib cage is cylindrical in shape. The stomach is located below the chest level. External genitalia are formed correctly. From traces of the anus release the stool. In the area of ​​fingers and toes "bath skin". Covers the trunk and extremities serovatosinyushnogo color with slipping surface layer of skin, the epidermis. His fingers half-bent brushes. At the rear of the right hand at the base of the big toe tattoo "Gene". At the rear of the right forearm in the middle third of the tattoo with the image of '' beet and letters + C "on the rear of the left forearm tattoo with the image of" GS "DAERMMUAZUAYA" five-pointed star and the letters "C", the letters G + C + C = D "and figures 1921".

B. The internal survey:



Skin patches of the scalp with the inner surface of the wet, dull, blednokrasnogo color. The bones of the skull base and vault intact. The dura mater sinyushnozelenovatogo color, poor blood supply. Pia thin, muddy. Brains and brain sulcus poorly distinguishable. The gray matter of the brain poorly distinguishable from white. The contours of the brain ventricles are not distinguishable. Vessels base of the brain without features. The subcutaneous tissue of the body is developed satisfactorily. The position of internal organs proper. The pleural cavities contained up to I liter of liquid of dark blood. The pericardium contained up to 15 cm 3 turbid, amber-colored liquid. Heart size of 13 x 10 x 6 cm. The heart muscle in the dark red color of the cut. The right and left half of the heart contained up to 50 cm3 dark liquid blood. The valves of the aorta and pulmonary artery of the heart somewhat thickened by closing the line. Coronary heart free, passable. The inner surface of the aortic smooth and clean. Light from the surface sinyushnokrasnogo color fluffy to the touch. In the context of lung tissue temnovishnevogo color. When pressed with the cut surface in multiple flows foamy bloody fluid. The lumen of the larynx and bronchi free. The hyoid bone is intact. The mucous membrane of the esophagus, trachea and bronchi sinyushnokrasnogo color. The stomach contained traces of a slimy mass blednokrasnovatogo color. The mucous membrane of the stomach bluish-red color with a barely visible folds. Pancreas on melkodolchataya sectional krasnovatozheltogo color.

Sheet 351

- 3 -

The liver surface is smooth, dull. In the context of the fabric of her burokrasnogo color with a bluish tint and poorly distinguishable pattern liver. liver size 26 x 15 x 10 x 7 cm. The gallbladder contained traces of brown liquid. Mucous its brown color. Spleen loose to the touch. Capsule her wrinkled. spleen size of 10 x 7 x 3 cm. In the context of the spleen tissue of dark cherry color. Pulpas cut surface gives a great scraping. In the lumen of the small intestine contained a slimy mass of dirty yellow color. The mucous membrane of the intestine sinyushnozelenovatogo color. In the lumen of the colon fecal burozheltovatogo color. The mucous membrane of the intestine sinyushnoserogo color. Kidneys from the surface smooth, dull, capsule kidney removed easily. right kidney size 10 x 6 x 3 cm., Left 9.5 x 6 x 3 cm., and cerebral cortical kidney poorly distinguishable layers. kidney tissue in the dark red color of the cut. Cortical and medullary layers of the adrenal gland discernible bad. The bladder contains 500 cm3 turbid yellowish liquid. After removing organocomplexes of the thoracic and abdominal cavity defined fracture II, III, IV, V, yi ribs on the right okologrudnoy and mid-axillary line with hemorrhage into adjacent intercostal muscles.
For chemical and histological examination of the corpse is taken from the specified portion of the internal organs.

The medical examiner - the signature (revived)
Prosecutor criminologist - signature (Ivanov)
Ml. Counselor of Justice
Forensic Expert (Churkin)


Based on the research of a corpse c. Zolotarev, 37 years old, I believe that his death was caused by multiple rib fractures on the right to internal bleeding into the pleural cavity in the presence of the low temperatures. The above multiple rib fractures in Zolotarev with the presence of bleeding into the pleural cavity appeared during his lifetime and are the result of a large force to the chest area Zolotarev at the time of his fall, or compression of the drop. Injuries of soft tissues in the head Zolotarev, and the presence of "the skin of bath" in the fingers, upper and lower extremities are the postmortem changes of the corpse Zolotarev, who was in the last time before it is detected in the water.
Death Zolotarev violent.

The medical examiner - the signature (revived)






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