Sochi Discovery World Aquarium (Sochi)

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium


Location: Ulica Lenina 219a/4, Kurortny Gorodok

Tel. 8622 693 434

Open: 10am- 10pm daily

Entrance Fee: R100

How to get to the Sochi Aquarium
The oceanarium is located half an hour from the center of Adler and an hour from the center of Sochi. Address: Sochi, Adler district, st. Lenina, 219a/4 "Resort town".

from Adler: by buses No. 60, 105, 117, 124, 125, 134, Izvestia stop, go back to the pedestrian bridge, cross the road.
from Sochi: buses No. 100, 105, 124, 125, Rosneft gas station stop, go ahead.
GPS coordinates: 43°28’19.6″N 39°53’49.5″E
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Description of Sochi Aquarium

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

The oceanarium in Sochi is an all-season entertainment for children and adults. Why does not everyone like the modern Sochi Discovery World Aquarium complex? How to enjoy visiting the Sochi Aquarium, about the inhabitants of the underwater world, shark feeding show with photos and videos. Walk around the resort town in Adler.

Sochi Oceanarium is the largest aquarium on the southern coast of Russia. It is also officially called the Great Adler Oceanarium and Sochi Discovery World Aquarium (SDWA).

Tickets and schedule
During the summer season, the Sochi Oceanarium is open daily from 10:00 to 19:00. In the off-season from 10:00 to 18:00, days off: Monday, Tuesday.

Tickets to the Adler Aquarium are sold at the box office and from distributors at the same price:
adult — 1100 rubles
children 4-11 years old inclusive — 600 rubles
up to 4 years free
Reduced ticket for disabled people of groups I and II, disabled children - 500 rubles (must have a document confirming the age of the child or benefits)

The ticket is valid for one visit until the end of the year, so it can be purchased in advance. We bought tickets at the footbridge on the way to the aquarium. Passage through the turnstiles using a barcode, you can stay inside and move between the halls as much as you want, but you can enter and exit only once. Along with the ticket, a memo-rules of conduct is issued.

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium website
Phone: +7 (862) 246-33-56

The underwater world of the Sochi Aquarium
Sochi Oceanarium was opened at the end of 2009. The two-storey building with an area of 6000 m 2 consists of 13 thematic zones, a 44-meter tunnel, 30 aquariums and 5 million liters of water. If you find yourself in the aquarium in the summer, you will immediately feel a pleasant coolness, but you don’t need to dress warmly, we went in shorts and T-shirts.

The first aquarium zone is dedicated to freshwater fish. The lakes are full of colored koi that you can feed. Food capsules are sold in the vending machine. This part is well lit, beautiful photos are obtained on the bridge, among the rainforest and waterfalls. Some fish seem familiar from home aquariums, you just won’t see others like that: piranhas, sturgeons, inhabitants of the Amazon, Ecuador, Australia rivers - more than 100 species.

The marine area of the Adler Oceanarium is even more exotic. Subdued light and the sound of the sea immerse you in the atmosphere of the underwater world. Turtles, moray eels, fish and mammals of different sizes, colors and degrees of danger swim in large aquariums. Information plates tell about all the inhabitants of the aquarium, you can also take a guide.

The central part of the Sochi Aquarium is a transparent acrylic tunnel. It hosts shows. Do not miss!

Show program schedule
11:00-11:30 and 15:00-15:30 - fabulous sea heroes: Mermaids, Poseidon, Ichthyander.
14:00-15:00 — fish feeding. Previously, this show was called “Shark Feeding”, now the sharks are fed separately, not according to the schedule.

We arrived at the start of the shark feeding. The show takes place in front of the main observation window with an area of 24 m 2. A professional diver feeds not only the sharks, but also all the inhabitants of the tunnel.

Sharks and big fish snatch food right out of the hands, moray eels rub against a person like pets, the sea turtle Masha pushes with its mass and pushes everyone away. At the end, the diver picks up the white shark from the bottom and swims away with it. Very impressive!

A walk inside the tunnel is no less interesting. Water surrounds visitors from three sides, sharks swim right overhead. We waited for the start of the show with the Mermaids. Two girls in costumes with fish tails swam among the inhabitants of the aquarium, sat on the remains of the "Sunken Ship" and took pictures through the glass with the audience.

Sochi Oceanarium offers additional services: diving with photography, children's birthday, original holiday greetings, marriage proposal. The lobby on the ground floor houses a cafe and a slot machine room.

After the paid zone of the oceanarium, you go through the turnstiles and find yourself in a souvenir shop. Here they sell branded and ordinary Sochi souvenirs: T-shirts with SDWA symbols, soft toys, shell products, ship models…