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Sochi Discovery World Aquarium (Sochi)

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium




Location: Ulica Lenina 219a/4, Kurortny Gorodok

Tel. 8622 693 434

Open: 10am- 10pm daily

Entrance Fee: R100






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Description of Sochi Aquarium

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium is largest and most sophisticated Aquarium in Russian and one of the largest in the World. Sochi Aquarium was designed by experts and consultants not only from Russia, but from New Zealand, Australia, China and many others. It was open on December 26, 2009 in Sochi. Sochi Aquarium covers a total area of over 6000 sq meters and contains 30 aquariums with a total volume of 5 million litres of water. It represents wide variety of fishes (over 4000) from rivers of Amazon, coral reefs, deep sea creatures and many others. Acrylic tunnel that lies underneath a huge aquarium reaches a length of 44 meters. The first exhibition of Sochi Aquarium is devoted to ancient species of fish. Once you descend down the stairs from the fresh water to the salt water aquariums. Final hall of the Sochi aquarium ends in exposition of lagoon biosphere.







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