Delphinary (Sochi)


Description of the Delphinary of Sochi

Delphinary of Sochi is a Aquatic park that keeps dolphins for entertainment of Sochi tourists. In addition to Black Sea dolphins Delphinary keeps polar white whales, seal lions and seals. Dolphins are in particular very social animals and willing to interact with members of the audience. They do have a peculiar sense of humour so keep that in mind if you want to approach them. They like to spray people with water.


This is a specially organized program when you are not just in the water next to the dolphins, but swim with them. You will descend into the water, and the dolphins will substitute their fins for you and take you around the pool. The feeling of happiness from acquaintance and unity with the sea world will be one of the brightest in your life.
The water temperature in the pool of our dolphinarium is +25 degrees at any time of the year.

Diving is not only a form of active recreation, but also a unique opportunity to communicate with dolphins and white whales on their territory, to see them as close as possible. Play, hug, stroke the most amazing creatures of the sea. Treat yourself and your loved ones to this magical fairy tale, in which the main characters are you and the friendly stars of our Dolphinarium.
This is a unique opportunity to dive underwater and communicate with marine mammals in their language.

Snorkeling is an opportunity to communicate with dolphins and white whales, floating on the surface of the water with a breathing tube and mask (issued on request).