Luna Park (Sochi)


Location: ulica Ordzhonikidze 6 Town Centre

Tel. 8622 623 847

Open: 10am- 12am summer, 10am- 5pm winter



Description of the Luna Park in Sochi

Luna Park is located in the very center of Sochi next to the famous Mayak water park near Kurortny Prospekt. The park has a lot of entertainment for every taste, as well as a special area for festive concerts. The park is open to all visitors throughout the year. In summer, it is open from 10:00 to 22:30, and in autumn and winter until 18:00. The following attractions are presented there: Castle of Horrors, Trains, Cars, Carousels, Boats, Trampoline, Helicopters. Also throughout the park there are many plantings of flowers and trees. During the warm period, a beautiful fountain operates, near which you can relax, cool off and take pictures. Also on the territory of the park there is a Ferris wheel, which allows a person to view all of Sochi from a bird's eye view. On the territory of the amusement park there are many benches and lanterns that allow all its visitors to relax. There are also artificially created ponds with various funny fish and other mammals. Due to the fact that the park is located in the very center, this makes it popular not only among local residents, but also among all tourists who annually come there to relax.


Historical reference
More than 47 years ago, a mobile Czech Luna Park was located next to the Sochi cinema. Attractions and entertainment were very popular with guests and residents of the city. In the summer of 1971, when the amusement park left Sochi, a Sochi amusement park was opened in its place. Since then, the local Luna Park with dozens of attractions for children and adults has become one of the resort's most popular cultural venues.

Park location
The cultural center of the city attracts adults and young guests of the southern resort all year round. Luna Park is located in the very center of the city of Sochi between the stops "Organ Hall" and "Hotel Sochi".