Ostrich Farm "Three Sophias" (Sochi)


Description of the Ostrich Farm "Three Sophias"

The ostrich farm is located on the road to Krasnaya Polyana and is located in front of the trout farm, at the entrance to the Akhshtyr Canyon, it operates all year round and is the largest and most equipped in the city. Source - kuda-sochi.ru, the best events in Sochi.

The main inhabitants of the farm are African ostriches and Australian emus. These birds have an awkward physique: a small head rises above a large body on powerful legs. But the look of ostriches is childishly naive, and the half-open beak is so reminiscent of a smile that it is impossible not to succumb to the charm of these birds. Birds bred in captivity are accustomed to people, so they are not afraid of visitors and come very close to the fence - you can see the frightening claws on their paws and touching eyelashes on their eyelids. Unlike ostriches, emus are more cautious and try to stay away. The ostrich farm in Sochi also breeds other birds. Peacocks and golden pheasants roam the enclosures. There are many waterfowl and parrots on the farm, some parrots can speak. Some animals at the Three Sofia ostrich farm are allowed to be touched. Those who wish can ride a pony and take pictures on horseback in full dress of a Caucasian horseman with a saber and a hand kite on his shoulder. Source - kuda-sochi.ru, the best events in Sochi.


So, here you can meet: Indian peacocks, golden handsome pheasants, graceful and graceful black and white swans, funny mandarin ducks, proud Egyptian geese, Carolina ducks and several types of parrots.
Waterfowl live in a picturesque pond, on the banks of which there is a nice gazebo. So you can watch them in quite comfortable conditions. And if you want to buy something as a keepsake, in the souvenir shop you can find various interesting products made from ostrich feathers and skin, as well as giant ostrich eggs.
Children will especially like this place - in addition to the opportunity to get acquainted with exotic birds, they have a chance to ride a funny Scottish pony and take pictures with a tame Caucasian kite.