Sochi Circus (Sochi)

Sochi Circus


Location: Ulica Deputatskaya 8, East of Town Centre

Tel. 8622 920 375

Open: 9am- 6pm

Entrance Fee: R150- R300


Description of the Sochi Circus

The Sochi State Circus is a state cultural and entertainment institution of the Russian State Circus. It is located in the Khostinsky district of the city of Sochi (Krasnodar Territory, Russia).




Yu. V. Nikulin, People's Artist of the USSR, took part in laying the foundation stone for the building of the Sochi Circus.

The building was designed by a group of architects led by Yu. L. Shvartsbrein in 1971 (the architects and builders were awarded the USSR State Prize for this work).

The author of the masks on the frieze of the building is the Sochi sculptor V. I. Glukhov. The author of the mosaic works on the facade is the Sochi artist A. N. Skripnikov.

The hall can accommodate 2000 spectators. The modern building of the circus was built next to the old building of the circus for 1200 seats, opened on July 16, 1955 and designed by architect A. Stelmashchuk.

Director - Shulga Natalya Nikolaevna.

Artists performed on the arena of the Sochi circus: Valentin Filatov, Yuri Durov, Mikhail Rumyantsev, Oleg Popov, Yuri Nikulin, Irbek Kantemirov, Mstislav Zapashny, Igor Kio, Tamerlan Nugzarov, Alan Butaev and others, as well as foreign artists from Bulgaria, China, Germany , Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, Mongolia and other countries.

Variety artists I. Kobzon, L. Zykina, V. Abdulov and others regularly performed in the circus.

Before the Olympics in Sochi in 2014, the circus was reconstructed. 220 million rubles were allocated for the reconstruction of the circus building.