Dzinaga, Russia


Dzinaga (Digorsk. Dzinag'a, Ironsk. Dzinag'a) is a village in the Irafsky region of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. This is the administrative center of the Gular rural settlement.



Tourist base "Dzinaga"
Located at an altitude of 1452 m above sea level, the camp site "Dzinaga" is ready to receive and accommodate up to 700 tourists. To get to the place of rest, you will need to overcome about 116 km towards the Fatanta tract from the city of Vladikavkaz.
To ensure a comfortable stay on TV, the rooms are equipped with telephones, TVs, and are connected to the Internet. The canteen can serve 200 people at the same time. The cafe is designed to serve 50 visitors.
A guarded parking lot has been allocated for the cars of visitors, and a special room for storing things. There is a first-aid post on the territory, a sauna and showers, a gym equipped with the necessary sports equipment. Those who wish can visit the dance floor, go to a club or take a walk in the park, which has many comfortable benches.
The camp site serves as a kind of center, from which ethnographic and tourist routes, ecological trails diverge. Tourists will be able to visit various gorges, including Bartui and Karaugom, Gebi and Khares, Tana and Gular. Interest will be caused by walks to Paradise glade near lakes or glaciers. During the hike, the road will cross high-altitude zones with uniquely beautiful beech forests, endless meadows of alpine and subalpine types, rhododendron (yellow and Caucasian) bushes.
Places with archaeological and architectural sights relating to the early and late Middle Ages will remain in memory. The proximity of sanctuaries, temples and fortified points, fortresses, which formed a single whole, performing the role of spiritual protection and defense against attacks, will not be surprising. In each of the settlements of the Digorsky society, defensive structures were built that were part of the general defensive complex. The towers were erected in such a way that observers could see each other at a distance and recognize the signals being given. Such tactics made it possible to prepare in a timely manner to repel the attacks of the attackers.
When settling on the t / b "Dzinaga" vacationers are offered to choose standard or VIP rooms.



The village is located in the southwestern part of the region, in the Digor gorge, near the Gulardon River, on the right bank of the Urukh River.



The village is located in the Alania National Park.

Border outpost.

Between the villages of Dzinaga and Gular, there is an object of cultural heritage of regional importance (architecture) - a medieval residential watchtower of the Perisayevs.

Among the identified objects of cultural heritage (history).

Obelisk to fellow villagers who died in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, 1967, located on the eastern outskirts of the cemetery with. Dzinaga.



There is a bus route 272 "Vladikavkaz - Bus Station No. 1 Dzinaga" (November 2020).