Museum of Alexander Green (Feodosiya)


Location: Feodosiya


Description of Museum of Alexander Green

The Alexander Green Museum in Feodosia, on Gallery Street, is located in the writer's house, where he lived and worked from 1924 to 1929. The Memorial and Literary Museum in this building has been operating since the mid-1970s. At first, the development of the new exhibition area was supervised by the Feodosia Museum of Local Lore. The project of the literary museum was developed by the artist-architect S. G. Brodsky. The building is remarkable from afar and very recognizable from the photographs of Feodosia due to the large romantic relief panel “Brigantine”, which decorates the end of the house.

The permanent exhibition of the museum includes a recreated writer's office, where attention is paid to everyday details, as well as rooms decorated in the style of the romantic world created by Green: these are the museum rooms "Frigate Hold", "Clipper Room", "Wandering Cabin" and others. The exhibition "Green and Modernity" is located in the large hall. The museum also periodically hosts temporary thematic exhibitions, meetings with musicians, poets and artists.

The image of the museum in the form of an old sailing ship and the whole atmosphere of the interior are saturated with the writer's work, the romance of sea voyages and contribute to the return to the joys and dreams of childhood.

Prices at the Green Museum in Feodosia in 2022
The museum ticket office offers several types of tickets: you can separately visit the permanent memorial exhibition or temporary exhibitions (now there are two of them in the museum), buy a general ticket to visit all sites.

Entrance fee for visiting the main exhibition of the museum:
For an adult - 150 rubles,
For schoolchildren, students - 60 rubles,
For pensioners - 75 rubles.

Cost of visiting the exhibition:
For an adult - 60 rubles,
For schoolchildren, students - 30 rubles,
For pensioners - 30 rubles.

A single ticket to visit the main exposition and one exhibition:
For an adult - 200 rubles,
For schoolchildren, students - 75 rubles,
For pensioners - 90 rubles.
The Literary and Memorial Museum of Alexander Grin also provides benefits for visiting and its services in accordance with the categories approved by the laws of the Russian Federation.



For a deeper acquaintance with the Green's house-museum and immersion in its atmosphere, there is an opportunity to visit excursions conducted not only by professional, but also by enthusiastic museum staff.

The price for the tour (participation in groups of up to 20 people) is 500 rubles. Self-guided tour with audio guide - 150 rubles. + entrance fee for visiting the main exhibition for the corresponding category (an audio guide is issued on a deposit of 2000 rubles).

In addition to the usual tours, the Alexander Grin Museum in Feodosia conducts interactive thematic tours, which you can become a member of by submitting a preliminary application.

For adults (a group of no more than 15 people) guided tours are held on the following topics: "Secrets of the house on Galereinaya", "Women in the life of Alexander Grin", "War and peace in the life and work of Alexander Grin". Ticket price - 300 rubles, for students - 200 rubles.


Halls of the ship museum

The Green Museum in Feodosia is not an ordinary academic museum, since it is based not on the biography and life of the writer, but on the world created in his works, the world of his heroes. The entire exposition of the museum is imbued with the spirit of the writer's romantic creativity.

A small one-story building that was once the home of Alexander Grin, with the exception of only one memorial room - an office, restored according to the form that he had during the life of the writer, received an unusual design and turned into a symbolic sailing ship. Here, the white walls are sheathed in dark wood and covered with intricate nautical knots of sisal rope, and the rooms resemble holds and ship cabins and have appropriate sonorous names:
Map "Greenland",
Frigate hold,
travel cabin,
Captain's cabin.

The exposition of this museum house consists not only of photographs, engravings, manuscripts, there are also recreated parts of ships, models of sailboats, ancient marine instruments and maps, lighthouse lanterns, ocean shells.