Guloykhi, Russia

Guloykhi or Guloy-khi is a river in Russia, flows in the Republic of Ingushetia. Right tributary of the Assa river. The river is 24 km long, the catchment area is 161 kmĀ². In the river valley there is a late medieval complex of Vovnushki defense and watchtowers.



The Guloy-khi River takes its source from the mountains of the Jeyrak district near the border with Chechnya (the slope of the Dakhkinta mountain). The river flows westward through a mountain gorge away from settlements. In the valley, pine trees, alder trees, willows, birches, tea trees, garmashov, and sycamore trees grow. Forests are mainly along the left bank of the river. The speed of water flow in the river is 2.2 m/s. The mouth of the river stretches for 103 km along the right bank of the Assa river. Guloy-khi River is located at the foot of Molelnaya Mountain at an altitude of 1112 m above sea level. But despite this, the river almost does not freeze. Only when severe frosts fall, a certain part of the river freezes.

There is always a significant amount of water in the Guloy-xi River. After heavy and prolonged rains, the level can rise twice. High water in the river occurs in April-May, when the winter snow melts and there is a lot of rain.

The river plays an important role in the economic life of the local population. Its water is used in horticulture and animal husbandry. Small fish are also found in river waters. For this reason, fishing in the river is also widespread.

The Guloy-khi River is also subject to serious pollution as it flows close to residential areas. Thus, in 2021, 20 bags of waste were collected from the river itself and its surroundings during the cleaning action organized by ecologists.


Water register data

According to the state water register of Russia, the river belongs to the Western Caspian basin region. The water source of the river is from Sunja to the city of Grozny. River basin - covers the rivers between the Terek and Volga rivers of the Caspian Sea basin. Since the river is a mountain river, there are also cases of flooding. For this reason, special control of the river is carried out. Guloy-xi is on the list of dangerous rivers in the state water register.

The object code in the state water register is 07020001112108200005505.