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Location: Vladimir Oblast







Hotels, motels and where to sleep

Restaurant, taverns and where to eat

Cultural (and not so cultural) events

Interesting information and useful tips



Description of Murom

Murom is located in the southeast of the Vladimir region. The city of Murom - a city of regional subordination of the Vladimir Region - is located on the high left bank of the Oka River on the border with the Nizhny Novgorod Region 290 km. from Moscow and 130 km. from the regional center of Vladimir. The territory of the city stretches along the left bank of the Oka River from north to south for 8 km., The central part of the city from east to west extends from the river for 5 km. In the south-west direction, the length of the city reaches 12 km. From west to east through the territory of the city are the main railway lines Moscow - Kazan.

Murom is one of the oldest Russian cities and the same age as Russian statehood. There are a large number of architectural monuments. Murom is worth a visit to plunge into the measured life of a provincial town, the streets of which breathe a long history.

Murom is recognized as the birthplace of the epic warrior Ilya Muromets. Monuments, expositions and exhibitions are devoted to heroic topics. Every year in Murom, the festival “Heroic expanse”.

Thousands of pilgrims annually visit Murom monasteries, the oldest of which is over 900 years old. The Trinity Monastery keeps the relics of St. Peter and Fevronia, the patron saints of marriage and family.

Murom Museum of History and Art was opened in 1919. It is located in the house of Zvorykin merchants, where Vladimir Kozmich Zvorykin, the inventor of television, was born and grew up. The museum has about 60 thousand exhibits. The collection of arts and crafts is collected by the Murom artist, academician of painting, student of I.Ye. Repin, Ivan Semenovich Kulikov.

Modern Murom can offer tourists all kinds of recreation: cultural, active, educational. For athletes there are the Ice Palace "Crystal", a tennis court, a football field with a professional surface, sports complexes "Oka", "Energy" with swimming pools. For moviegoers there is a 3D cinema "October". For walks with children, parks named after the 50th anniversary of the Soviet power ("Fifty") and Lenin ("Oksky") are perfect. In the New Year's holidays, as well as in the summer on the Day of the City and the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, an interregional craft fair is held in the historic center.




Travel Destinations in Murom

Monasteries and churches

1 Annunciation Monastery (Благовещенский монастырь), 16. Krasnoarmeyskaya Str. 16. The monastery was founded in 1553, the cathedral in 1664, the Gate Church of St. Stephen in 1716.
2 Resurrection female monastery, July lane., 1A. Resurrection (1658) and Vvedensky churches, built in the middle of the XVII century at the expense of Murom merchants living room hundreds of brothers Cherkasov.
3 Spaso-Preobrazhensky male monastery, st. Lakina, 1. Founded in the XI century, the cathedral of the XVI century, the first records in the annals are dated 1096 year.
4 Holy Trinity Convent, pl. Peasant, 3a. The monastery was founded in 1643, the cathedral of 1642–1643, the gate church of Kazan in 1648, and the tent bell tower in 1652.
5 Church of the Ascension (Ascension Church), st. Moscow, 15A. Constructed 1729
6 Church of Guria, Samona and Aviva, Karacharovskaya street. Built in 1845. An icon with a particle of the relics of St. Elijah of Murom is kept in this temple.
7 Church of Cosmas and Damian (Kozmodemyanskaya Church), st. Quay. It was built in the period 1556-1565, erected on the spot where Ivan the Terrible's tent stood during his march on Kazan.
8 Nikolo-Naberezhnaya Church, st. Plekhanov. First mentioned in 1566 under the name "Nikola-Wet", recreated in stone in the years 1700-1714.
9 Smolensk Church (Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God), st. Mechnikov, 1. Constructed 1804
10 Sretenskaya Church, st. Karl Marx, 55. Built in 1795
11 Trinity Church (Holy Trinity Church), st. Krasin, 22 (md Karacharovo). Constructed 1828
12 Assumption Church (St. George), st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 41A. Construced 1790



Public buildings

13 Shopping arcade. Built in 1816. Used as intended until now - one of the best cafes in the city, meat rows.
14 Water Tower, st. Lenin. Built in 1864. Used for its intended purpose - you can dial the tap water from the built-in faucet.
15 The building of the female gymnasium (Murom Pedcollege), st. Karl Marx, 24. Construction 1896
16 The building of a real school (school number 16), st. Lev Tolstoy, 40. Built in 1880. The sons of Murom merchants studied here, some of them left their names in various fields of science: I.D. Zvorykin ─ inventor of a high-speed flax spinning machine, director of the Murom Slobodskaya flax spinning mill; Doctor of Biological Sciences V.I. Zhadin; doctor, psychologist N.K. Ryabinin; paleontologist, professor A.N. Ryabinin and others. But the most famous student was VK. Zworykin, a global scientist, "father of television."
17 The building of the religious school (school number 12), st. Karl Marx, 23. ☎ + 7 (49234) 3-18-61. Built in 1883
Manor A. Uvarov "Red Mountain", st. Kirov. Building XIX century. At the moment, a military unit is located in the manor, and buildings can only be viewed from the side of the river.
18 House Zvorykin, st. May Day, 6. Construction of the XIX century. The house in which the family lived and the inventor of television, Vladimir Kozmich Zvorykin was born. Now the building houses the Murom Museum of Art and History (see “What to do” section).
19 House Karatygin, st. Timiryazev, 3. Building XIX century. former mansion of merchants Karatygins. In 1875, it housed a real school. Currently the building is abandoned.
20 City Duma building, st. Leo Tolstoy, 13. Construction of the XIX century. Currently, the building houses one of the buildings of the Murom branch of Vladimir State University.
21 Muromskaya Printing, st. Leo Tolstoy, 27. Construction 1918 Used for its intended purpose.
22 House of Academician of Painting by I.S. Kulikov Str. Sverdlov, 9. The building was built in the first half of the XIX century. In 1899, rebuilt by the project of I.S. Kulikova. A memorial plaque on the house: "From 1882 to 1941, academician of painting I.S. Kulikov lived and worked in this house". Until 2007, the house was located the museum of the artist.



Other Destinations

1 Murom History and Art Museum (with art gallery), st. May Day, 4 and 6. To get a closer look at the history of Murom, it is necessary to visit the historical and art museum, which occupies several buildings that are the objects of the cultural heritage of Murom. One of them is the house of Zvorykin merchants, in which the world-famous scientist, the “father of television” Vladimir Kozmich Zvorykin was born and spent his childhood. At the beginning of the museum stood the famous Murom artist, academician of painting, student of I. Repin, Ivan Semenovich Kulikov. His works, as well as the collection of arts and crafts collected by him, were included in the funds of the museum.
2 Exhibition Center, st. Moscow, 13. ☎ +7 (49234) 3-62-34. In Russia, it is quite unusual for a district center to have an art gallery. In this case, the collection was based on the collection of archaeologist Alexei Uvarov from his estate in Karacharov, which includes works of Russian (XVIII and XIX century) and Western European (in a small amount) art.
3 House of Folk Art, st. Lakina, d.2a. ☎ +7 (49234) 36149. The House of Folk Art is located in a two-storey building, which has a concert hall, the Murom Gornitsa exhibition hall, a museum room of Russian life, equipped workshops: Folk costume, "Clay toy", "Murom majolica", "Murom Yuft", exhibition salon with the right of sale, a large landscaped yard.
4 Hotel complex "Usadba", Vladimir region, Murom district, Dmitrievka village. ☎ 8 (905) 616 28 90; 8 (905) 619 38 04; 8 (49234) 7 34 84. In addition to just a hotel, there is also a variety of entertainment, for example, a beach with a slide, springboard, bungee, in winter an ice slide, a skating rink, snowmobiles, a sledge. There are domestic and wild animals (cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, turkeys, goats, geese, horses, ponies, camels, yaks, foxes and two raccoons), a large arena of 150x60 meters for the rental of horses. Horse riding in the woods and fields, as well as paintball are arranged. There is a small museum.
5 Monument to Peter and Fevronia (on Trinity Square, in front of the monastery). Peter and Fevronia are considered patrons of the family and marriage. It is believed that if you rub the nose of a bunny near Fevronia, it will be fulfilled. July 8, Russia celebrates the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, and in Murom on this day an interregional festival “The Rook of Family Happiness” is held with a concert of Russian pop stars on the embankment.
6 Palace of Culture. 1100th anniversary of Murom, st. Lev Tolstoy, 23. ☎ 8 (49234) 3-63-73. Built in 1962 under the direction of N.A. Bespalova (architect. NP Kurennoy). Differs unique architecture, acoustics. The interiors are comparable to the finish of the Bolshoi Theater.
7 Einsteinarium (Museum of Entertaining Sciences), Kooperativnaya str., 7a (based on school number 8). The museum consists of several interactive exhibits. Unlike the usual museum, everything is possible here and even needs to be touched. The task of each exhibit is to explain that physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry are not boring school subjects, but fascinating areas of human activity.




23 Steam train of the Ilya Muromets armored train, Vladimirskoye shosse.
24 Monument to Ilya of Murom. The monument of the sculptor V.M. Klykov and architect N.A. Bespalova was installed in 1999 in the city park them. IN AND. Lenin on the high bank of the Oka.
25 Monument to Murom roll, ul. Lenin. Installed near the city market on the initiative of the entrepreneur I. Zinoviev in 2012. Ceramic roll weighs 100 kg and is heated throughout the year.
26 Monument to N.F. Gastello, Railway Station Square. The monument "In honor of the 40th anniversary of the immortal feat of captain NF Gastello" was installed in 1964.
27 Locomotive L-2248 on a pedestal, Privokzalnaya Square. Made in 1953 at the Kolomna Locomotive Plant them. Kuibyshev. A legendary black locomotive with bright red accents was installed on the walls of the railway station in 2002 for the 140th anniversary of the Belarusian Railways and the 55th anniversary of the Murom branch.
28 "The Book of Honor", Victory Square. The architectural composition in the form of heavy metal sheets with the embossed names of 15 thousand Muromans who went to the front during the Second World War, was opened in 2015 to the 70th anniversary of the Victory.
29 Monument V.K. Zvorykin, st. May Day, 4. The monument to the inventor of television, who was born and raised in Murom, was installed in 2013 on the initiative of the staff of the Murom History and Art Museum. Sculptor PN Chaps.
30 Floor cemetery, occupies a block between Voikov, Surikov, Kovrovskaya and Chernyshevskogo streets .. The old cemetery (1771-1960s) with the graves of the XIX century, including merchant families Zvorykin, Gad, Suzdaltsev and so on.





Murom is mentioned in the initial chronicle of the Russian state “The Tale of Bygone Years” in 862, together with Novgorod, Polotsk, Rostov, and Belozersk. In 2012, Murom was 1150 years old. The city took its name from the ancient (I-II millennium AD) of the Volga-Finnish people of Murom. Most likely, the word "Murom" comes from a common term for many Finno-Ugric peoples, meaning "high place, mountain, near water", characteristic of the topography of the present city.

Murom has a huge cultural and historical potential. It was here that the son of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, Gleb, was sent, who began the Christianization of the Murom land. Muromlyane carried out raids of Mongol-Tatars and fought bravely on the field of Kulikov, participated in the conquest of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible. Murom monasteries, icons and wonderworkers were famous throughout Russia, attracted royal people. Peter I, Catherine II, Pavel I, Nikolay I and the heir Alexander Nikolaevich visited Murom.

In the XVII - XIX centuries, Murom was a rich merchant city with major fairs and active trade. The heyday of the city in the XIX century is associated with the name of the mayor A.V. Yermakov, who set up one of the first water pipelines in Russia, conducted a telegraph, tiled the streets, built a city theater.





How to get there
By plane
There is no air communication with the city. There is a helipad and the like of the airport (runway in the field) with the possibility of landing small-sized aircraft.

By train
Murom is a large railway junction. The first railway with a length of 108 kilometers connected the city with Kovrov in 1880. Long-distance trains connect the city with Moscow, St. Petersburg and the east of the country. Commuter trains run in three directions - to Kovrov, Arzamas (including express train to Nizhny Novgorod through Arzamas) and to Vekovka station. Trains from Kazan, Cheboksary, Izhevsk, Omsk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, Tynda and other cities also pass through Murom.

From Moscow: from the Kazan station. Travel time is about 5 hours.

From St. Petersburg: from the Moscow railway station there is a train in the direction of Kazan. Travel time is about 15 hours.

From Nizhny Novgorod: train
1 Railway station. ☎ 8 (49234) 9-23-60.

By car
From Moscow: optimally - on the M7 through Vladimir (go through the city center). Further along the highway P72. The bypass road around Vladimir on the south side is strongly discouraged due to constant traffic jams and repairs of numerous bridges. You can lose up to 1.5 hours. More interesting - through Tumu-Kasimov-Melenki on the highway P105 and P125. The distance is about the same, but in winter the M7 (Ural) is safer and possibly faster.

By bus
From Moscow to Murom, there are bus routes from the Schelkovskogo bus station. There is a bus service to Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod and Ryazan. A very popular option is with a transfer in Vladimir: not far from the Kursk railway station (~ 400 m), buses run almost every 30 minutes to Vladimir. And from Vladimir there are many buses and minibuses going to Murom.

2 Bus station. ☎ 8 (49234) 3-24-65.

On the ship
There is such an opportunity. Flights around the Moscow Around the World are not frequent, but there are still times a week. There is news of the voyages of ships from Nizhny Novgorod. These flights are tourist only and are often canceled in case of low water levels in Oka. The usual passenger high-speed traffic on the river existed during the USSR, and now it is an endangered mode of transport.

3 Port of Murom. ☎ (49234) 2-24-35.

Transport around Murom
The main form of public transport are buses. The fare for 2017 is 18 rubles. Taxi prices are quite affordable: 80-150 rubles. depending on the destination.


Hotels, motels and where to sleep

Hotel "Kremlin", st. Dzerzhinsky, 25. ☎ 8 (49234) 4-16-58. from 1000 to 3500 rubles. Grocery store, guarded parking, car wash (around the clock), beer.
Hotel "Lada", st. Moskovskaya 43. ☎ +7 (49234) 3-11-71; +7 (49234) 2-14-01; +7 (49234) 2-11-80. from 2500 to 5200 rub. Guarded parking, a restaurant, in the lobby a photo exhibition dedicated to famous guests.
Hotel "Rus", st. Moscow, 87. rus-hotel@mail.rug ☎ 8 (49234) 4-06-42. Double room: from 2200 rubles (2011). Parking, pharmacy, grocery stores, snack bar.
Hotel "Three Sosny", Melenkovskoe Highway, 11. ☎ +7 (49234) 6-30-38, 6-00-77. Designed mainly for truckers.
Forpost Hotel, Radiozavodskoye Highway, 4. ☎ +7 (49234) 3-12-40. 1600 - 3000 rub. Guarded parking, car wash, car maintenance.
Hotel complex "Murom estate", st. Priokskaya, 77 (m / r Karacharovo). ☎ +7 (49234) 7-54-57. Double room: 4000 rub (2009).
Health complex "Svyatogor", Krasnogvardeysky lane., 3. ☎ +7 (49234) 9-18-87, (920) 914-7771. Double room: 2500 rub (2011).
Pilgrimage Center of the Transfiguration Monastery, st. Lakina, 1. ☎ +7 (49234) 3-14-76. Hostel: 100 rubles per person (2011), there are private rooms.
Restaurant and hotel complex "Rioni", p. Kovarditsy, st. Pine Forest, 1a. ☎ 8 (49234) 5-34-62. 2000-5000 rub. A small country hotel with a restaurant. Luxurious interiors, scenic views. Expensive.
Hotel "Bathsheba", st. October, 2A (Not far from the Savior Transfiguration Monastery). ☎ 8 (492-34) 3-10-07. 2400-4800₽.


Restaurant, taverns and where to eat

There are a lot of cafes, pizzerias and restaurants in the city, where you can eat for relatively little money. Practically in all - free Wi-Fi.

1 Cafe "Barin", pl. 1100th anniversary of the city of Muroma (in the building of the Shopping Rows). Works in the "dining room" mode from 10:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday. Banquet hall (by pre-order) daily from 15:00 to 24:00 hours. about 130-170 rubles for a hearty lunch .. Located in a historic building. The interior is decorated in the Russian style (many attributes of merchant life), wooden furniture, summer terrace. There are TVs, ventilation, heat gun, toilets, wardrobe. One of the most popular places for lunch breaks.
2 Cafe "Vityaz", st. Soviet, 10 (in the shopping center "Vityaz"). ☎ +7 (49234) 99-9-99 +7 (920) 915-4444. 24 hours. Fixed menu, set meals, European and Japanese cuisine. An ideal place to eat at any time of the day. Access to the shopping center closes at 19:30.
3 Cafe "Captain Hook" (beer + cafe "Hunting"), pl. Revolutions, 1. ☎ +7 (49234) 9-98-64. This building had previously been a city prison, so a small piece of history was left in the interior: a punishment cell was restored in the hall. Beer "Captain Hook" in the pirate style, the interior used original accessories in the form of a steering wheel, anchor, oak tables. The interior of the cafe "Hunting" is made in the style of an old castle - cobbled walls, wooden beams, torches, stuffed animals, a fireplace. On the 2nd floor there is a billiard room and a banquet room.
4 Cafe "Tavern Sirin", st. Moscow, 14. ☎ +7 (49234) 2-07-19. Located in the historic center of the city, in a semi-basement. Jun 2015 edit
5 Cafe "Haruka Khan", st. Lenin, 17. ☎ +7 (49234) 3-16-57. Sun-Fri: 10:00 - 23:00 Fri-Sat: 10:00 - 24:00. Located in the historic center of the city, in a semi-basement. Specializes in Japanese cuisine.
6 Coffee Shop "Amur", st. Moscow, 19. lifrissimo2@mail.rug ☎ +7 (49234) 77-0-23; 8 (910) 098-54-48. A small cozy room in the basement. According to visitors, they brew the best coffee in the city, but you can eat. An interesting menu of hot dishes.
7 Pizzeria "Sorrento", st. Lenin, 17. ☎ +7 (49234) 7-76-76; 8-904-656-31-31. Sun-Fri: 10:00 - 23:00 Fri-Sat: 10:00 - 00:00. Located in the historic center of the city. Network pizzeria with an unusual two-level interior.
8 Pizzeria "Tashir Pizza", ul.Kulikova, d. 7a (TC "Zephyr in marmalade"). ☎ 8-800-200-59-10. Network pizzeria with a choice of hot dishes and snacks.
9 Restaurant "Bathsheba", Oktyabrskaya str., 2A (hotel). ☎ +7 (492-34) 3-12-34. Elegant restaurant with a banquet hall. There are set meals.
10 Restaurant "Noble Club", st. Lenin, 24. ☎ +7 (49234) 3-18-34. The winner of the competition "The best trading enterprises of Murom-2009" in the nomination "The best catering enterprises". Near the entrance is a monument to Murom roll, which is heated throughout the year.
11 Restaurant "Golden Taurus", st. Moscow, 92. ☎ +7 (49234) 2-22-43. There is a dining room with a separate entrance.
12 Restaurant "Empire", st. Vorovskogo, 24 (CSC "Empire"). ☎ +7 (49234) 7-74-34; 8 (930) 745-99-65. Thu from 10 am to 5 am Fri and Sat, holidays from 10 am to 6 am Sun from 10 am to 4 am Located in a reconstructed historic building, a former library. There is a kids club with slot machines. club. Snack bar fast food TopBurger. Bowling.
13 Eatery Barin, Radiozavodskoe highway, 3. ☎ +7 (49234) 9-17-11. In the “dining room” mode from 10:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday. Banquet hall (by pre-order) daily from 15:00 to 24:00 hours. Dining PATP with fast service. Mostly local people here dine.
14 Cafe "Razgulay", Moscow street, 1. Opened on the site of the dining room "Peasant Woman". Pathetic interior, varied menu. However, a long service and prices do not match the quality.

Night life
In the evening, young people gather in the historic center of the city - on Moskovskaya St. and Square. 1100th anniversary of the city of Murom.

1 TRK "Moscow", Radiozavodskoe sh. 7a. ☎ 8 (49234) 3-38-62, 8-920-933-37-36.
2 CSC "Empire", st. Vorovskogo, 24. ☎ 8 (49234) 7-74-34, 8 (930) 745-99-65. Open on Thursdays from 22:00; - on Fridays, from 18:00 to 06:00; - on Saturdays, from 5 pm to 6 am; - on Sundays, from 20:00 to 04:00;


Cultural (and not so cultural) events



Interesting information and useful tips


Local souvenirs with Murom and heroic themes can be found in the Under the Arches Art Salons (in the Art Gallery and the Exhibition Center of the Museum). In the Vityaz shopping center on the first floor, right at the entrance, there is a good shop with Murom souvenirs.

1 TC "Vityaz", st. Soviet, 10. +7 (49234) 9-18-46. 9:00 - 20:00 A wide range of products of all categories on three floors of three buildings, incl. grocery supermarket "Kvartal"; ATMs; Parking until 20:00; Cafe
2 TC "Planet", st. Soviet, 29 (intersection with ul.L.Tolstogo). 9:00 - 20:00 m-"" CenterObuv "," Gloria Jeans ", household goods and garden" Cozy House ", furniture
3 TC "Tibor", st. Kulikova, 4. ☎ 8 (49234) 9-99-76 8 (49234) 9-99-86. Mon-Sun: 10:00 - 20:00. a wide range of products of all categories, parking, ATMs,, children's leisure center.
4 TC "Marmalade", st. Karl Marx, 75. ☎ 8 (49234) 3-34-40, 3-35-00. Mon - Sun: 9.00 - 21.00. a wide range of products of all categories, incl. food supermarket "Pyaterochka", parking, ATMs, cafe "RusBurger".
5 Hypermarket "Magnit", st. Kirova, 32. A network hypermarket of products and household goods. Large parking, ATM, pharmacy.
12 TC "Zephyr in Marmalade", st. Kulikova, 7a . ☎ 8 (49234) 3-35-00, 3-34-40. Includes a supermarket "Magnet", a cafe "Tashir Pizza", clothing stores and electronics. there is parking.




MTS, Tele2, Beeline, Megaphone
Central office Megaphone, st. Moscow, 32.
Central office Beeline, Moscow st., 32






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