Tsey, Russia


Tsey (Tseyskoe gorge) (Цей) (Osset. Ts'æi) is a Russian ski resort (mountain-climatic resort area) and a center of recreational tourism in the Alagirsky region of North Ossetia.

A serpentine road is laid along the Tsei gorge from the village of Buron, located on the Transkam (12 km). Distance to (railway stations): the regional center - the city of Alagir - 53 km (60 km), to the city of Vladikavkaz - 98 km (110 km; bus service).

Tsey is located on the northern slopes of the B. Caucasus (Central Caucasus), at the foot of the Adaykhokh city, in the gorge of the river. Tseidon, at an altitude of 1910-2200 m.


Geography and climate

The gorge is formed by two ridges: Tseysky and Kalperovsky, located in a horseshoe shape, which is why the area is often called the Tseysky horseshoe mountains. Tsey is a longitudinal valley cut between the Lateral and Dividing ridges. There is also the Tseysky glacier.

The lowest part of the Tsey Gorge (near the village of Buron) is located at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level, the highest point - Mount Wilpat - is 4646 above sea level.
Since 1967, the gorge has been part of the territory of the North Ossetian State Reserve.

The ski season starts in December and ends in April. The difference in altitude in the ski area is 920 meters (from 2870 to 1950 meters above sea level). The approximate height of snow in the middle of the season is about two meters.

There are two chair lifts in Tsei.

There is a trade union rest house "Tsey" (320 places) located in a coniferous forest, mountaineering camps, a tourist center "Ossetia", a scientific station and a recreation center of SKGMI, as well as a meteorological station, and there was also a hotel "Goryanka" (now destroyed, the building is in condition, plundered, cannot be restored). There are many private hotels.

The climate is characterized by moderately mild winters (avg. January temperature −7 ° C) and moderately cool, with frequent rains in summer (avg. Aug. Temperature approx. 13 ° C). Precipitation 1000 mm per year, ch. arr. in May-October. The relative humidity is highest during the warm season. The number of hours of sunshine per year is 2256. Weak mountain-valley winds prevail, which provide good ventilation of the Ceydon Gorge. The climatic features of Tsei also include low atmospheric pressure (610 mm) and the absence of sharp fluctuations, a large number of sunny days, a high degree of air ionization, and increased ultraviolet radiation.

9 km from Tsei is the Tsei glacier, which begins between the peaks of Wilpat and Adaihokh and, descending to an altitude of 2200 m, gives rise to the Tseidon River, (the left tributary of the Ardon, which flows into the Terek).

Tourists are interested in excursions to the Rekom sanctuary, Tourist Peak, Skaz and Tsei glaciers, to Mount Monk.

Opening to foreigners
In the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 4, 1992 N 470, regulating the zones closed to foreigners, on September 18, 2012, a change was made for North Ossetia. The admission of foreigners in this constituent entity of the Russian Federation was allowed only to a few large cities, and transit between them was also allowed along the roads and to the checkpoint across the border. Now the text of the Resolution has a description of an additional zone open for foreign tourists: a part of the territory of the Alagir and Iraf districts, limited to:

from the east by the Transcaucasian Highway (highway R-297) on the Mizur - Nar section and the Nar highway - Zekarsky Pass,
from the south and west - the state border of the Russian Federation in the section from the Zekarsky pass to the Karaugom mountain and the Karaugom mountain line - the confluence of the Fastag and Karaugom rivers,
from the north - the line of the confluence of the Fastag and Karaugom rivers - an altitude with an elevation of 3001.7 on the Tsakhfedor ridge - a bridge over the Dargonkom river in the village of Dunta and the Dunta - Kamunta - Upper Zgid - Transcaucasian highway).
Thus, the territory of the Tsey ski resort is now available not only for Russians, but also for foreigners.