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Bač Castle

Bač Castle



Completed: first half of the 14th century     Map

Damaged: 1711 (Rákóczi Rebellion)





Description of Bač Castle


Bač Castle is located in Vojvodina region of Serbia near a town of Bač.  Bač Castle was constructed in the 14th century on the orders of Hungarian king Charles Robert I. The fortress has eight towers. One square tower was renovate due to its good preservation. Bač Castle served as an important political and military seat of local rulers. As result of a battle of Mohacs in 1526 Hungarian kingdom was defeated by the Turkish Ottomans armies. Bač Castle with surrounding lands came into Turkish possession. During Rákóczi Rebellion in 1711 the citadel was taken and burned to the ground. It remained in a state of disrepair since then.










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