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Golubac Castle

Golubac Castle



Location 4 km downstream of modern Golubac   Map

Constructed: 14th century




Description of Golubac Castle


Golubac Castle is situated 4 km downstream of modern Golubac.  Golubac Castle was constructed by Hungarian kings in the 14th century on a strategic location overlooking Danube River that was previously occupied by ruined Roman fortress. Hungarian king entrusted defenses of the castle to Serbian despots Brankovich and Lazarevic. The defenders contained a modest military garrison of soldiers that could not prevent its fall. In 1427 Golubac Castle was taken by the Turkish Sultan Murad II. Hungarian king Sigismund attempted to retake the Golubac citadel, but failed to so.  His grand army of Hungarian, Poles, Italians and Wallachians was defeated. Among the dead was famous knight Zavis Black. It is one of the most interesting and impressive medieval fortifications in Serbia. However you will need great stamina and endurance to explore all its corners. Take plenty of water if you will travel to this castle in the hot summer months.










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