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Maglič Castle

Maglič Castle



Location: 20 km South of Kraljevo     Map

Constructed: 13th century





Description of Maglič Castle


Maglič Castle is located 20 km South of Kraljevo in the gorge of Ibar river.  The fortress of Maglič was constructed in the 13th century by Stephen I as a defensive measure to protect nearby monasteries of Studenica and Zica. In the 14th century served as a seat of Archbishop Danilo II, who was also famous as a historian and an author of biographies of Serbian rulers. Ottoman Turks captured the Maglič citadel in 1459 and occupied it. During the Great Turkish War (1683–1699) the Serbs briefly retook the possession of the castle, but soon lost it to Turks. Due to military advancements Maglic Castle lost its military importance and its walls were abandoned by permanent garrison of soldiers. During the Second Serbian Uprising (1815-1817) crumbled walls served the Serbs under leadership of Voivod (military leader) Radoslav Jelečanin as a site for ambushes. The citadel was build on top of a strategic location. Seven towers defended Maglič Castle. It also contained a palace, church and military barracks those ruins in different level of preservation are still visible. Two restorations took place in Maglič Castle. One was in 1920's and another one in 1980's.