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Smederevo Castle (Cмeдepeвcκa твpђaвa)

Smederevo Castle



Location: Smederevo Map

Construction: 1428- 1480s






Description of Smederevo Castle


Smederevo Castle is a medieval Serbian citadel that stands on the banks of might Danube river. Smederevo Castle located in the city of Smederevo in Serbia was constructed in 1428- 1480's. After fall of Belgrade to Turkish armies Serbs attempted to defend their homeland under leadership of despot Dzhuradzh Brankovic. In 1459 the castle was nevertheless taken by the Turkish armies. Five years later, however, Dzhuradzh Brankovic reached an agreement in Peace of Szeged which forced Turkish Sultan Murad II to transfer the Smederevo Fortress to the Serbian side. Smederevo Castle today impresses with its state of preservation. The main damage that is still visible was left during World War II then German ammunition depot exploded on June 5th, 1941 destroying part of medieval fortification. Local legend claim that it was done by the Serbian partisans, although it is still a subject of debate. In 1944 Allied bombings caused further damage to the structures of walls and several towers.


1. Main entry gate
2. City gate II
3. City gate I
4. Ship gate
5. Jezava gate
6. Flag tower
7. Turkish inscription tower
8. Water tower
9. Outer water trench
10. Inner water trench
11. Bridge
12. Small town gate
13. Rectangular tower
14. Keep (Donžon kula, Donjon tower)
15. Jerina’s tower
16. Despot’s inscription tower (krstata kula)
17. Audience Hall/ Throne Hall
18. Palace
19. Bath remains
20. Church remains










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