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Bojnice Castle (Bojnický zámok)

Bojnice Castle




Location: 5 km (3 mi) from Prievidza, Trenčín region   Map

Tel. (046) 543 0535

Official site

Open: May, June, Sept 9am-5pm Tue- Sun

Jul, Aug 9am-5pm daily

Oct, Apr 10am- 3pm Tue- Sun




Description of Bojnice Castle


Bojnice Castle is a residence situated 5 km (3 mi) from Prievidza in a town of Bojnice in Trenčín region of Slovakia.  The original medieval wooden fortress of Bojnice was constructed in the 12th century. Although much of the modern structure you see today was actually reconstructed in 1889- 1910 by the orders of Count Ján Pálfi and under supervision of architect J. Hubert. Some locals claim that the structure of the castle is haunted by the spirit of the Black Lady who was wrongly accused of adultery and was thrown off the castle wall.