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Levice Castle (Levický hrad)

Levice Castle




Location: 60 km (24 mi) South of Nitra, Nitra Region

Constructed: 14th century






Description of Levice Castle

Levice Castle is a medieval fortress situated in Levice, 60 km (24 mi) South of Nitra, Nitra Region in Slovakia.  Levice Castle was erected in 13th century on a rock outcropping in the Hron River valley. It guarded the trade road that leads to medieval mining cities. Military citadel first attacked by the troops of the Ottoman Turkish empire in 1544. They burned down the houses of the civilians that lived around the castle, but the walls proved to be too difficult to storm. The citadel was stormed and taken by the Turkish armies in 1663, but a year later in 1664 they were defeated at the Battle of Levice. Badly damaged military fortifications were reconstructed under supervision of General Louis Raduit de Souches who lead his Austrian Imperial Army to victory and capturing the Levice hrad. The Levice Castle was finally destroyed during military engaged between Imperial army and Rákóczi’s rebellious troops. It was abandoned in ruins since then.









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