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Spiš Castle

Spiš Castle




Location: Žehra, Spiš  Map

Tel. (053) 454 1336

Official site


May-Sept. 8:30am-7pm

Oct 9am- 6pm daily

Nov 9am- 3pm daily




Description of Spiš Castle


Spiš Castle is a massive medieval citadel that stands near a village of Žehra in Spiš region in Slovakia.  With a total area of 41 426 m² Spiš Castle is one of the largest military fortifications in all of Europe. It was constructed as a royal castle of the Kingdom of Hungary in the 12th century on a site of a much older fortress. In 1464- 1528 it was owned by Zapolya aristocratic family, then Thurzo family (1531- 1635, Csaky family (1638- 1945) and finally at the completion of World War II its ruins were nationalized by the newly established Soviet- backed government.










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