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Zvolen Castle (Zvolenský zámok)

Zvolen Castle



Location: Zvolen, Banská Bystrica  Map

Constructed: 14th century

Tel. (045) 530 32 19

Open: 9am- 5pm Mon- Fri








Description of Zvolen Castle


Zvolen Castle is a medieval citadel situated in Zvolen, Banská Bystrica in Slovakia.  Zvolen Castle was constructed in the 70's of 14th century by Hungarian king Loius I of Anjou on the bank of the Slatina River. It was certainly finished by 1382 when it became the site of engagement of his daughter Mary and Sigmund Luxerburger. A major reconstruction in the 18th century gave the military fortifications in the 18th century. The Royal Hall ceiling was covered by 78 portraits of Holy Roman and German emperors. Today the interior of the citadel contains a gallery presented by the Slovak National Gallery of various artists including Master Paul of Levoča.








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